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In this hectic business world we live in, how you dress and portray yourself in the workplace should have a positive influence and should build your confidence on a daily basis, after all how you are perceived by your colleagues and clients is of the utmost importance.

Whatever your career choice dressing right for business definitely helps productivity and a positive mind set. Which colours work for you, which styles and cuts most suit your body shape and which garments you choose to wear can all be a powerful representation of your personality and help build a brand identity for yourself and your industry.

Whether you’re self-employed with full control over what you wear, or work for a large corporation with a strict dress code, you can add that all important personal flare to any outfit, which will allow you stand out from the crowd. Or if you’re in the legal or financial world and need to blend in a little more, your corporate Image consultant will show you the stylish way forward.


You may need to gain a little more respect and confidence by looking a little older or younger or are finding yourself with very little free time or maybe a lack of ideas or inclination. Maybe you’re tired of wearing your usual suit every day and you fancy a stunning made to measure or bespoke suit/dress or fancy a complete new image, or need some inspiring new shops to visit, or maybe you’re struggling with ‘smart casual’ or ‘dress down Friday’s’.

By having Suzanne, corporate Image consultant, working closely with you will make all those work commitments, client entertaining, business trips or just your days in the office, an invaluable service to invest in.

Suzanne will save you precious time and keep a careful eye on your budget by booking a private room and pre-selecting all your outfits to build your new professional image. A new style direction will be created for you by reviewing and renewing your work wardrobe in line with her vision.

Our expert corporate image consultant will determine just what you need and will show you all the best options, transforming your wardrobe.

Your executive styling session will provide you with essential guidance on how to dress for your colouring, size and body shape, how to create a signature style as well as the styles and colours to avoid. All your new outfits will be photographed allowing you to remember just how to piece together your new knock-out executive look.

Our corporate image consultant, Suzanne, will select the most impressive, adaptable and inspiring range of outfits, suitable for all your work commitments, taking you right through your working day to an evening entertaining clients.

Suzanne is tireless! She has vast amounts of energy, positivity and style. Her ability to listen to her client’s brief is second to none. By adhering to the budget and making her client, firstly comfortable, without being intimidated, she is able to achieve amazing results. She has an extraordinary talent to put the whole outfit together including the accessories to complete the outfit, taking into consideration body shape, personality, lifestyle and budget. I would highly recommend her!

Varney Polydor Jewellery Designer - Kohatu + Petros Jewellery

I highly recommend Suzanne. Over the last 12 years, she has helped me find outfits for everything from “smart casual” work events, nights out, dates and parties to on-stage conference speeches. She’s helped me clear out my wardrobe and, most importantly, helped me find my own sense of style and given me the confidence to wear it with pride. With her help, I’ve moved from a middle-of-the-road, safe dresser to someone who actually looks like she knows what she’s doing. Thanks Suzanne 🙂 

Victoria Vice President global restaurant company (and often stressed single mother of two)

“Having a very busy work schedule running Dixons Carphone, as well as a hectic young family meant putting on hold any clothes shopping over the past few years, however due to my senior position I was aware this had to change, Suzanne opened my eyes to the importance of image for an executive and how to get it spot on, in the most time efficient and organised way. As well as how important it is to invest in your image, after all first impression is crucial”.

Andrew Harrison Carphone Dixons

My experience with Suzanne was completely positive. I did two wardrobe detox sessions and a shopping trip and she was very honest and direct – an approach that worked really well for me. She sorted through my wardrobe and put new outfits together really quickly – something that I never would have done myself.
She showed me how to wear pieces of clothing and advised on what was missing from my wardrobe, which styles suit my body shape and picked out some incredible pieces. She has hugely increased my confidence by showing me just how to get it right.

Jas Nijjar Finance Director - Pearson VUE


I’d love to hear from you about your fashion problems. Get in touch today so we can take the first steps to getting you looking and feeling fabulous!

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