Personal Styling

Once you have filled in the form below, allowing me to get to know you better, I will create a personal profile of you, and so I can see you, your size, body shape and colouring, I will need you to uploaded three full length photos of yourself as well as any special requirements.

From there all the necessary shops will be researched prior to your shopping day, so whatever your specific requirements, and whatever the event/day to day dressing or seasonal wardrobe, the ground work is all done for you, leaving you time to enjoy your fabulous stress-free experience. If necessary in a discrete way but ensuring no more indecisions, only great service and great style and all to suit your pocket!



A private room will be booked and once I have pinpointed all your new outfits, we will meet and shop, where you will be given an unbiased and honest opinion on your whole image and the image you want to achieve. You will also be shown how to accessorise and as well as which colours and shapes most suit. How to combine garments in a way you never thought possible and no more buying the same style over again or wasting money on unsuitable and unsustainable garments.

Whether you’re looking for that one special outfit or a completely new seasons wardrobe or maybe a look you’ve always fancied trying out, now’s the time!

However MORE importantly let me give you bespoke style advice so I can dress YOU for YOU and the way in which you want the world to see you and you want to see yourself!

A photo reference will be taken of all the new outfits created for you to reference at a later date.

  • Own your style, so what you wear on the outside really reflects who you are on the inside.
  • Feel fantastic when you look in the mirror, confident and proud of how you look and who you are.
  • Learn what suits you and where to shop – banishing the stress of shopping forever.
  • Enjoy a wardrobe full of garments that fit, flatter and make you feel fab.


I’d love to hear from you about your fashion problems. Get in touch today so we can take the first steps to getting you looking and feeling fabulous!