Styling New Parent


After baby’s arrival it’s fair to say that your priority list will have changed and you are no longer as high up the list as you were.

However, now you’re a few months into your new life as a parent and you’re getting ready to return to work. After all you have been totally preoccupied with your new addition to the family for some time now, so losing touch with your old sense of style and possibly losing a little confidence is totally understandable. It’s time to ditch the maternity wear or the ‘relax at home’ wear and invest in some quality ‘me’ time!

I am here to help you update and renew your style, however your body has changed or not, and get you back to feeling like YOU. Show you exactly how to perfect your image for all aspects of your new life, in an effective, practical, efficient and stress-free way. Because I totally understand that time is even more precious right now and so are you!


Ahead of your styling experience you will need to fill out the ‘Say Hello’ form below and I will get back you to build your personal profile, allowing me to better understand you, your life style and your requirements better. You can then upload up to five full length photos of yourself so I can see you size, shape and colouring.

I will identify all the shops, stores and collections specific to you. All your outfits preselected and held within a private room or individual stores saving your time and energy.

Photos will be taken of all your new outfits so that it’s quick and easy for you to recreate them whenever you want. And if you can’t leave baby behind, then your shopping experience can be adapted and baby can come too!

By treating yourself to some all-important pampering, you will feel stylishly in control and ready to get back into the swing of life with your wonderful new addition!

With my personal stylist service for new mums, you absolutely can…

  • Feel like yourself again, confident in your refreshed style.
  • Enjoy a wardrobe that makes getting dressed every day easy – full of flattering outfits that you look great.
  • Save time, money and stress by learning what to buy and where to shop
  • Throw yourself into the latest chapter in your life, looking and feeling fantastic.


I’d love to hear from you about your fashion problems. Get in touch today so we can take the first steps to getting you looking and feeling fabulous!

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