Wardrobe Makeover

Let’s tackle this together

I’ll come to your home and cast a fresh, style-focused eye over your wardrobe. Together we’ll decide what should stay and what should go, and I’ll show you how to update the garments you already own into outfits you’ll be excited to wear.

I will go through every last shoe, garment and accessory, making sure I leave you with a beautifully-organised, colour-coordinated space that feels peaceful and fills you with renewed inspiration!


Learn how to keep your wardrobe focused in the future

I’ll also teach you some top tips about how to shop to take your wardrobe to a whole new level, changing your shopping habits and saving you money. Learn how to move away from buying fast fashion and discover the secrets to high-quality pieces which are timeless and make a real statement.

Photos will be taken of all your outfits so that you can look back at exactly what goes with what and recreate these fabulous outfits again and again. You’ll be left with a feeling of complete style clarity – and a big boost to your self-esteem!

With my wardrobe detox service, you absolutely can…

  • Enjoy a wardrobe full of organised garments, restyled to fit and flatter you.
  • Feel youthful and fabulous in your outfits and proud of how you look.
  • Make dressing in the morning an easy and pleasurable experience.
  • Save time, money and stress by learning what to buy to suit you, and where to buy it.
  • Learn how to manage your existing wardrobe so it works harder for you.

“Having a very busy work schedule running Dixons Carphone, as well as a hectic young family meant putting on hold any clothes shopping over the past few years, however due to my senior position I was aware this had to change, Suzanne opened my eyes to the importance of image for an executive and how to get it spot on, in the most time efficient and organised way. As well as how important it is to invest in your image, after all first impression is crucial”.

Andrew Harrison Carphone Dixons


I’d love to hear from you about your fashion problems. Get in touch today so we can take the first steps to getting you looking and feeling fabulous!