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In this hectic business world we live in, how you dress and portray yourself in the workplace should be a positive influence and should build your confidence on a daily basis. After all how you are perceived by your colleagues and clients is of the utmost importance, which colours work best for you and which cuts most suit your body shape. After all which styles and garments you choose to wear can be a powerful representation of your personality and help build a brand identity for yourself and your industry.

It’s time to show your professional life just who is the real you, both within your body and your mind set and making it work for all aspects within your career. Whether you’re self-employed with full control over what you wear, or you work for a large corporation with a dress code. You can be you by adding that all important personal flare to any outfit, which will allow you stand out in a crowd. Or have the option to completely change who you want to be portrayed as. So if your finding yourself in a body that doesn’t feel like you or if your dressing in a way that doesn’t express the real you, then it’s time to change!


Maybe you have very little free time or a lack of ideas or inclination. If you’re tired of wearing your usual ‘uniform’ and fancy a change or a new persona, or in need of some inspiring ideas for new stores to visit, or you’re struggling with ‘smart casual’ or ‘dress down Friday’s’.

By working together with Suzanne as your executive personal stylist will make dressing for all those work commitments, client entertaining, business trips or just your days in the office an invaluable help for you.

Suzanne will save you precious time and keep a careful eye on your budget by pre-selecting all your garments for you and working together to build your new professional image. A new style direction will be created for you by reviewing and renewing your work wardrobe in line with her vision. With Suzanne’s help she will determine just what you need and will show you all the best options, transforming your wardrobe.

In order to find the best looks for you, your body shape will be assessed as well as your colouring and corporate lifestyle so that Suzanne can select the most impressive, adaptable and inspiring range of outfits, suitable for all your work commitments, taking you right through your working day to an evening entertaining clients.

Your executive styling session will provide you with essential guidance on how to dress to make you happy and productive and just how to create a signature style as well as the styles and colours to look for. All your new outfits will be photographed allowing you to remember just how to piece together your new knock-out corporate look.

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