Styling for LGBTQ+

Society can sometimes make it difficult for us to express ourselves in the way in which we would like to, and dressing to fit the mainstream criteria is not for everyone and neither should it be!

Our inclusive styling services encourage you to be your true self, maintaining your true personality and expressive style. I understand that we are all individuals, each with different lifestyles and different fashion desires and wardrobe requirements.

Finding a style that you’re comfortable with to best suit you and your personality can sometimes be a challenge but, with a little honest and friendly advice, our inclusive styling services will show you how to be super stylish in a style suited to you and your requirements- It’s a win win!!

To book your LGBTQ+ styling session, just fill out the ‘Say Hello’ form below and I will get back to you. We are Queer Friendly Stylists.


I absolutely loved my wardrobe detox with Suzanne. I’m non-binary, which means I don’t identify as a man or a woman, and because clothes tend to be very gendered, I have always found expressing my true self difficult. My ideal style is more androgynous – something that really allows me to stand out and make other people question their assumptions about gender.

Before my wardrobe detox with Suzanne, I wasn’t able to realise that style – my clothes weren’t doing anything for me, let alone expressing my true self! I was finding it really hard to know what to wear for work, because that’s one area in which you really have to fight for your identity to be recognised as a non-binary person.

Suzanne just got me instantaneously. She’s really warm and so easy to talk to, and she helped me understand what I need and want from my wardrobe. She assembled combinations I’d never even considered and noted down pieces that I could invest in. She helped my identify the colours that work well for my pale Scottish complexion, and showed me what styles suit my body shape depending on whether I want to look more masculine or feminine.

Suzanne has made my wardrobe work harder than it ever has and made my job in the morning so much easier! Now I’m free to express myself the way I want through clothes that I love. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone else who wants their wardrobe to be more ‘them’.

Thanks Suzanne!

Nikita Douglas Graduate Operations Analyst


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