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A refreshing new mindset can go hand-in-hand with a fabulous new style, some well-needed fashion advice from an expert image consultant, or just an update and refresh to make your newly found style work for you and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re struggling with life-altering changes or something that’s temporarily thrown you off course. No matter what you may be facing, be it hot flushes that are leaving you insecure and disinterested in getting dressed each day, or if you have post-baby depression, anxiety, a negative body image or just need a little hand-holding to get through a difficult time in your life, a style therapy session with a fashion consultant (based in London but working throughout the UK) can help you to relax and refresh, helping you to feel like yourself again.

A little Style Therapy session with our expert image consultant enables you to re-invent yourself in a way you never thought possible. As your confidante and fashion consultant, Suzanne Bernie is passionate about getting to know the real you so we can focus on what makes you happy, brings you joy and makes you feel alive. As your fashion advisor, we’ll work together to create your new image and ensure you are working with the right dress size for your body shape, as well as the right colours and textures for your complexion, giving you a whole new outlook and newfound strength to move forward.


By understanding your likes, dislikes, colouring, body shape, lifestyle, personality and budget your personal image consultant will be able to update and enhance your image. Based on your style profile, I will handpick outfits and introduce you to new shapes and styles that will help you break out of your comfort zone.

Photos will be taken of all your outfits during your session with your image consultant in London and throughout the UK so that you can be sure of which garments and accessories go together so that you can recreate these fabulous looks every time at home!

Booking a session with our style consultant can…

  • Help you tackle dressing during the life altering menopause
  • Show you how to look fabulous, feel amazing and build your confidence, self-esteem and well-being
  • Enjoy a wardrobe full of outfits that are styled to fit and flatter you
  • Give you honest and friendly style advice
  • Banish the fashion overwhelm, show you how to get the best looks and where to find them
  • Show you how to dress to feel sexy and relevant once more
  • Show you that you can get excited about getting dressed each morning!

Since my divorce, Suzanne has helped me build confidence in the way I dress and present myself – at work, with friends, and on those dreaded post-marriage date nights! She has been more help to me than she realises – I’ve been able to hold my head up high despite feeling, at times, pretty rubbish inside. We started with a wardrobe detox, clearing out clothes that didn’t fit or flatter.
Then she showed me how to make outfits out of the clothes I had, helping me build confidence in dressing more boldly with my new, post-children body shape. We then met up to shop for new clothes – a great experience!
The confidence that came from my time with Suzanne has sustained.I now shop more cleverly, avoiding desperate sales purchasing, buy much more for my shape and even friends describe me as dressing “edgily” – A remarkable feat!
Suzanne is warm, positive and makes you feel good about yourself, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Victoria, Richmond
I am really happy. You have totally turned my life around! I have continued the good work you started!
It feels great. I love getting dressed in the mornings.
You have totally helped me sort the woods from the trees.
I owe you my life!

My experience with Suzanne was completely positive. I did two wardrobe detox sessions and a shopping trip and she was very honest and direct – an approach that worked really well for me. She sorted through my wardrobe and put new outfits together really quickly – something that I never would have done myself.
She showed me how to wear pieces of clothing and advised on what was missing from my wardrobe, which styles suit my body shape and picked out some incredible pieces. She has hugely increased my confidence by showing me just how to get it right.

Jas Nijjar Finance Director - Pearson VUE

Lifesaver would be a far more appropriate name for Suzanne.  Shopping for a very special event is a nightmare and a frock horror is often the result. Having Sir Elton John’s White Tie Ball, Suzanne came to the rescue to style me. It was not only the most time effective shopping ever but the most cost effective. I have never received so many compliments as on that night or felt so fabulous. I will never do free-range shopping again.

Emma Rosenblatt Redleaf PR. - For Sir Elton Johns White tie ball


I’d love to hear from you about your fashion problems. Get in touch today so we can take the first steps to getting you looking and feeling fabulous!

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