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How you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside and that should be your happiest...

With a lifelong passion for everything fashion, personal styling is all about quickly getting to know my clients and their lifestyles in as much detail as possible, then together we’ll create your perfect image, boost your self-esteem and lift your confidence.

Some of my lovely clients...

“I would love to share my visions and inspirations with you, so by taking the first step in finding your inner confidence and outer style, we can begin this journey together

“I have always lacked confidence when it comes to clothes shopping so decided to get some help, and Suzanne was the perfect choice. I wanted a completely new wardrobe and wouldn’t have had a clue where to start on my own. Suzanne took the time to understand what I needed and took me out of my comfort zone when required but wasn’t in anyway pushy. She was respectful of my views, friendly and a very efficient shopper! I’ve not only come away with new clothes but more confidence and a lot more ideas and I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Georgie Acons Project Manager - Barclays Bank

Since my divorce, Suzanne has helped me build confidence in the way I dress and present myself – at work, with friends, and on those dreaded post-marriage date nights! She has been more help to me than she realises – I’ve been able to hold my head up high despite feeling, at times, pretty rubbish inside. We started with a wardrobe detox, clearing out clothes that didn’t fit or flatter.
Then she showed me how to make outfits out of the clothes I had, helping me build confidence in dressing more boldly with my new, post-children body shape. We then met up to shop for new clothes – a great experience!
The confidence that came from my time with Suzanne has sustained.I now shop more cleverly, avoiding desperate sales purchasing, buy much more for my shape and even friends describe me as dressing “edgily” – A remarkable feat!
Suzanne is warm, positive and makes you feel good about yourself, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Victoria, Richmond

I highly recommend Suzanne. Over the last 12 years, she has helped me find outfits for everything from “smart casual” work events, nights out, dates and parties to on-stage conference speeches. She’s helped me clear out my wardrobe and, most importantly, helped me find my own sense of style and given me the confidence to wear it with pride. With her help, I’ve moved from a middle-of-the-road, safe dresser to someone who actually looks like she knows what she’s doing. Thanks Suzanne 🙂 

Victoria Vice President global restaurant company (and often stressed single mother of two)

I found the wardrobe detox experience a complete pleasure and a complete eye-opener. It was fantastic to be able look at what I have in a different light. Suzanne gave me a fresh perspective, with her honesty, experience and sense of style. Suzanne helped me realise what suits me, which elements of my wardrobe were right and which parts could be ‘refreshed’. It was totally invaluable.

Louise Agran Marketing Director - Racing Post
” I came into this experience not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I also wasn’t sure if someone who I had never met before would be able to know exactly what my ‘fashion personality’ was. How wrong I was, it was the most genuinely interesting and empowering experience. You were so knowledgable and just really captured who I was with your perfect choices. When I put that first dress on I felt so confident and really beautiful, so thank you so much for all the effort you put in to understand what I wanted from this shopping experience! “
Holly Britton Events Officer at Wayne McGregor

I had a thoroughly enjoyable and productive Personal Styling day with Suzanne who had prepared exceptionally well beforehand, which meant we covered a lot of ground most efficiently. I had previously tended to stick to a narrow range of styles and it was very refreshing to have Suzanne to open my eyes and broaden my perspective on how to put together the right combination that suited both my age and body shape. I realised I had been completely bypassing some styles which were perfect for me. Suzanne’s eye for detail and persuasive critique on each style tried was a real education in it’s own right and has left me much more confident to make the right choices and purchases in future.

Simon Reynolds Nokia AE/Dubai


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