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How you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside and that should be your happiest...

With a lifelong passion for everything fashion, my personal styling service is all about quickly getting to know my clients and their lifestyles in as much detail as possible, then together we’ll create your perfect image, boost your self-esteem and lift your confidence.

Some of my lovely clients...

“I would love to share my visions and inspirations with you, so by taking the first step in finding your inner confidence and outer style, we can begin this journey together

The kind words my clients have said about my styling services.

Suzanne is tireless! She has vast amounts of energy, positivity and style. Her ability to listen to her client’s brief is second to none. By adhering to the budget and making her client, firstly comfortable, without being intimidated, she is able to achieve amazing results. She has an extraordinary talent to put the whole outfit together including the accessories to complete the outfit, taking into consideration body shape, personality, lifestyle and budget. I would highly recommend her!

Varney Polydor Jewellery Designer - Kohatu + Petros Jewellery

I absolutely loved my wardrobe detox with Suzanne. I'm non-binary, which means I don't identify as a man or a woman, and because clothes tend to be very gendered, I have always found expressing my true self difficult. My ideal style is more androgynous - something that really allows me to stand out and make other people question their assumptions about gender. Before my wardrobe detox with Suzanne, I wasn't able to realise that style - my clothes weren't doing anything for me, let alone expressing my true self! I was finding it really hard to know what to wear for work, because that's one area in which you really have to fight for your identity to be recognised as a non-binary person. Suzanne just got me instantaneously. She's really warm and so easy to talk to, and she helped me understand what I need and want from my wardrobe. She assembled combinations I'd never even considered and noted down pieces that I could invest in. She helped my identify the colours that work well for my pale Scottish complexion, and showed me what styles suit my body shape depending on whether I want to look more masculine or feminine. Suzanne has made my wardrobe work harder than it ever has and made my job in the morning so much easier! Now I'm free to express myself the way I want through clothes that I love. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone else who wants their wardrobe to be more 'them'. Thanks Suzanne!

Nikita Douglas Graduate Operations Analyst

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