Getting Back Out There

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As you know last Monday retailers opened, but I for one didn’t feel quite ready for what I thought, would be a compromising situation.


By Friday my creative juices were over flowing and I really needed to see how easy it was for me to do my job in the safest, most productive and efficient way possible. I needed a refresh and to see the collections for myself, check out how much stock is available and will the styles shapes and colours excite me once again after all this time away.


SO to remember this momentous day I met with the lovey and amazingly creative photographer who followed me around the stores whilst I got more and more excited with the great selection of fabrics, textures and bright summer choices.

Walking around the almost empty stores of Regent Street, South Molton Street and Bond Street. We were offered hand sanitiser at every door but face masks were not necessary.


In Fenwicks we were literally the only people on the top floor and the reductions were amazing, 50%-70% off with a great selection. It felt great to see new styles and hold up the garments against my body. Yes, you are only allowed to do this because the changing rooms are indeed closed. However if you know your body shape it’s definitely worth a visit.


I left the West End elated with the taste a normality and the prospect of Styling very soon. Whist I’ve loved my time during ‘lock down’ styling clients online  It certainly was great to be back!!