AW13: Is Your Wardrobe Ready?

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Autumn is almost upon us and with it comes the wardrobe detox! The next few weeks are going to be a rush as more and more of us attempt to ready ourselves for the cooler nights and chilly mornings; but how can you ensure that your wardrobe is ready? Here at Coathanger we know all of the latest trends and techniques to aid you in your journey to look fabulous for AW13.


Less is More!

Spring saw bright colours and striking prints but this season is all about simple, clean lines and relaxed styles. To get your wardrobe ready for AW13 all you need to do is focus on feeling comfortable without adding too much colour or complexity into your outfit; peacocks are past it, a refined elegant woman is what we’re after this season!


By all means layer up against the cold but less really is more. If you tone down whilst keeping textures and comfort in mind you can’t go wrong; plain shirts, white blouses and a good pair of trousers or a skirt may be reminiscent of the 90’s but they just feel so regal and right now.


Quality is Key

AW13 is all about clothes that you can actually live in; no more fancy gowns and embroidered blouses, just straight up lovable clothing. The idea of quality can be seen in everything from the finish on a pair of trousers to the way that a coat has been designed and put together. A good pair of sturdy yet fairly plain shoes or boots is also perfect for this season and the theme of quality.


Don’t let a budget hinder your style choices throughout AW13, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or aren’t sure of the exact style that you should select; stay safe and find the comfiest plain coat or the best fitting blouse that you can.


Textures and Contrast


Keep things contemporary yet captivating by mixing up the fabrics and creating a little contrast in your outfit; less may certainly be considered as more but that doesn’t mean you have to look any less interesting!


Some of the best textures for you to incorporate into your outfit are wool, leather and suede.


Wool can be a fairly heavy material and thus will keep you much warmer than synthetic fabrics or cotton.

Leather provides you with a distinct feel of luxury yet it doesn’t stand out too much and won’t draw too much attention.

Suede is a multi-purpose material with an endurable but supple finish.



If you’re looking for inspiration or need a hand with your wardrobe detox you can get in touch with us here at for expert advice. We’d be more than happy to help you with any queries or questions that you may have.