Beach Wear to Suit Your Body Shape?

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By Suzanne Bernie COATHANGER

The summer is fast approaching, as is the holiday season and with many of us heading for sunnier climes to enjoy the sun, the pool and the sandy beaches. Ah Paradise…… then comes that initial thought, just what shape, style and colour will your bikini or swim suit be? Is my body ready for this and which bits do I want to show or hide?

Getting the first day out the way is the most daunting. Putting on your chosen swimsuit over what is probably a very white or previously well hidden body and going out in broad daylight is probably the hardest part. Of course once you have a smattering of a tan its all fine, even the cellulite looks better with a tan!!

It is important to know your shape and work out just how revealing your beachwear should be. How high the legs will be in proportion to your hips. If you want tan lines or are going to fiddle taking down straps once you lay on your sunbed. As well as the boobs…… do you need underwired or not. There’s no right or wrong it’s all down to how much help you need!!

Or is your tummy an issue and are you happier with a little more structure and support?


Athletic or Boy Body Shape:


Make the most of your flat tummy, toned legs and arms by wearing a two piece bikini, if you’ve got it flaunt it. Just be sure to avoid baneau tops that flatten your bust rather than give it lift or shape. The top is important here so a bit of hidden extra shaping with a moulded top will help give your bust a fuller look. A bikini with a colourful pattern or print can work really well or plain with some ruffles or trim around the bust to draw the eye. Rushes at the sides of a one piece will also add the illusion of curves. To make your legs look longer and more shapely, choosing a higher side on the bikini bottoms will elongate the legs and help your already toned body look stunning.


Pear Body Shape:


Make the most of the curves that you have and help draw the eye to your top curves with the clever use of swimwear. Firstly you may have fallen into the trap of thinking short styled bottoms that cover more would look better on your figure, think again. A higher line on the side gives a triangle shape, bares the whole of your thigh making your bottom appear smaller and elongates the legs, you could even try strings at the side. Up top you want a deep v neck with round the neck ties to draw the eye up to the bust.


Apple Body Shape:


Making the most of your legs and bust when you’re apple shaped is just a matter of finding the right choice of swimwear as it can make you feel confident and amazing on the beach. Block colour rather than patterns tends to work better as a rule but it depends where the patterns are placed on the swimwear as chevrons can work really well to add the look of shape where there isn’t any and tiny prints can sometimes work as well as a block colour.

Finding a one piece with clever side panelling can help give the appearance of curves at the torso. A bikini in a block bold colour with heavier bands under the bust and above the waist line will draw the eye and give you shape the look of curves. Rushing is also a great way to flatter your tummy and having the rushes over your tummy rather than flat material makes the tummy appear smaller.