The Best Types of Bras for Different Garments

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Getting Fitted

It’s quite amazing to believe that the majority of women walking around the streets are wearing the wrong size bras. You wouldn’t believe how many clients I have seen who have been pregnant, given birth and six months later are still wearing the same bra!

When was the last time you went for a bra fitting? If your answer was along the lines of “I can’t remember” then it’s been too long! On average you should be getting professionally fitted every six months or a year (or sooner depending on your life circumstances). If you’ve recently lost or gained weight, had a child or have started going through menopause it is important you get yourself fitted correctly to avoid discomfort.

Finding a bra that fits you well is essential, not only for your health and wellbeing but also for making the most out of your clothes. The type, style and fit of your bra can completely change how you feel about your clothes and how they fit. Each type of bra will give you a different lift, support and body shape so certain bras will be more suited to different garments.

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Your underwear collection should provide you with multiple options as an incorrect bra with your outfit can be unflattering and show through your clothes. Bras that we recommend you have in your underwear drawer are:

The T-shirt Bra

Every woman should own a standard t-shirt bra. Known for providing the wearer with comfort and a natural life, t-shirt bras are the perfect bras to wear under casual tops such as t-shirts and jumpers. T-shirt bras are generally worn under these types of garments due to the lack of detailing to show through the fabric.

casual day time outfit

The Sports Bra

Whether you are an avid sports lover or just someone who enjoys brisk walks now and again, a sports bra is a must have! When getting measured and looking for the right design for you, consider a racerback style as this is the style that offers the most support. When shopping for styles, take into account your level of physical activity and the size of your bust. Running with a larger bust is going to require as sports bra with more support than a sports bra for a smaller busted woman who likes walking.

best bras for sports

The Push-Up Bra

If your outfit has a low neckline and you’d like to show off some cleavage, the push-up bra is the best type of bra to give you a boost whilst not being visible underneath the garment. Push-up bras have padding at the bottom of the cup to enhance the look of your bust and make your chest appear larger.

when to wear a push up bra

The Plunge Bra

Similarly to the push-up bra, plunge bras enhance the look of your cleavage to make your bust appear larger. However, rather than the padding be at the bottom of the cup it is instead at the sides of the cups to push your breasts towards the centre of your chest – creating a killer cleaver perfect for garments and dresses with a deep neckline!

best bra type for cleavage

The Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are perfect for garments with unconventional straps/sleeves. Many strapless bras now come with detachable straps that you can alter to fit the style of your garment such as an off the shoulder or halter neck dress.

bra to wear with a strapless dress


There is a beautiful variety of different colours to choose from when shopping for underwear however we often don’t think of how they will look under our clothes until we get home and realise we own a lot of sheer tops – eek! To decrease the likelihood of your bra becoming visible through your top or dress throughout the day, try to find a bra in a similar colour to your skin tone. Brands have been working closely with their customers in recent years to create the perfect collection of ‘nude’ underwear so that all skin tones are accounted for.