Looking your Best at Bloomsbury Whilst Coping with the Weather

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With every leaf that falls underfoot winter draws nearer and so does the Bloomsbury festival. The Bloomsbury festival is defined as ‘An autumn festival of art, knowledge and imagination’ and will take place between the 15th and 20th of October 2013. Due to the nature of the festival and the time of year that it is hosted at, it’s understandable that there may be some sudden changes in the weather, leading to unpleasant outdoor conditions.


Layering Up

Dealing with unexpected and sudden weather conditions can be incredibly daunting if you aren’t prepared – it can also be extremely embarrassing for you and those that you are with if haven’t prepared correctly.


One of the best ways in which you can prepare for the warm days and cool nights whilst at the Bloomsbury festival is by layering up. Remember that although it may be cool of an evening, your skin need to be able to breathe during the day, so the layers closest to your skin should be made from a breathable material such as cotton.


The other layers of your outfit can be made from materials such as wool, nylon and polyester. Wool is one of the best materials for jumpers and cardigans as it contains heat extremely well, whereas nylon will cause you to sweat which can make you feel cold as the perspiration evaporates from your skin.


Although layering up is the best way to avoid the cold; don’t forget that it’s going to be quite warm during the day. Your outfit should include layers that will keep the heat in but aren’t heavy enough to cause discomfort.


Colour Schemes

Colour schemes vary greatly from season to season, but we still tend to find the same colours cropping up each year. Autumn has seen enough of purple and red to last until 2014; so instead we’re looking into the latest trends. Golden hues, royal blues and deep greens have invaded our closets and taken over our stores

The Bloomsbury festival is festival of arts and imagination; that means utilise this season’s colour scheme and add a splash of colour to your outfit. Shoes should be practical as there is a lot of standing around and walking involved at the Bloomsbury festival; this means you should select a pair of comfortable boots or if you’re on the petite side wedges would be more appropriate.

Accessories and Additions

Adding colour to your outfit doesn’t have to be as extreme as dressing in a golden gown or an electric blue coat – you can incorporate autumnal colours into your outfit through your accessories and small additions to your outfit.


Scarves are an excellent accessory and will help you fight off the chills as the evening closes in. The perfect scarf will match the top half of your outfit in style and often colour too; unless there isn’t much colour to choose from in your outfit.


For a drab grey or black outfit you should utilise a heavy material such as wool – the wool will keep you warm whilst matching the theme of your outfit. Gold and brown accessories are perfect for darker hair and darker outfits as it adds a little warmth without standing out and giving the impression of a harsh complexion.
As I previously mentioned: your scarf should match the top half of your outfit in either colour or style to make your body look longer and make you look taller overall. If you are wearing a blue or green jacket, coat or cardigan – go for a light material such as silk or cotton.

Waterproof coats aren’t the most appealing of attire but we recommend that you keep one with you at all times – if the weather turns sour and the heavens open you should choose comfort and warmth over style. For more information on tailoring your wardrobe to compensate for poor weather conditions you can get in touch with us here at Coathanger.net, the experts in style and future fashion.