Careers and Clothing – What to Wear to the office Christmas Party

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So your work Christmas party is coming up, the one you’ve been dreading since the beginning of November; the biggest dilemma, what are you going to wear? What seemed like a good idea back then is often not so as the date gets closer. You’ve changed your mind a million times, spoken with friends.

If you want to be the best dressed without making a mistake that could turn you into the talk of the office – here are a few simple tips and tricks on how to select what to wear for your office Christmas party.


The first step in planning your outfit, do a little research. Find out what the theme is going to be, will there be fancy dress involved? Also take into account the venue, how far you’re going to have to travel. Think shoes; go in flats and change when you arrive. This will be your best decision when going home. Who exactly is on the guest list? If you’re going to be rubbing shoulders with directors and heads of department you may consider toning it down a little from you normal Saturday night outfit, ensuring if alcohol gets the better of you your skirts not too short or your tops not too low.

Remember you do need to go back and face everyone in the New Year!

And don’t forget – Is it really fancy dress or is that just a rumour??? Don’t fall for that old chestnut!!!

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