Carnival Clothing – Knowing What Suits you Best

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All the festivals have finished but the carnivals are just arriving – the Notting Hill Carnival in West London and Gay Pride within Manchester’s gay village are some of the largest street carnivals in Europe and are celebrated by thousands of people. With so much going on this august bank holiday it’s essential that you get to grips with the latest in Carnival costumes and what will suit you best this upcoming weekend.


Crazy Colours and Complexions

Even though your fancy dress costume is not designed as daily wearable clothing, it is crucial that you make the biggest impact as you dance down the street and bright colours are crucial. These colours need to work with your skin tone and your complexion and can make your face shine when chosen correctly. So when you’re selecting the crazy colours that you wouldn’t normally find within range of your wardrobe try to keep in mind what it is that suits you best. Of course the darker you skin tone the brighter your choice of colours can be.


For fair hair and pale skin tones bright pinks, greens and oranges will suit you best; anything darker than this will cause you to look extremely washed out and could lead to the outfit gaining more recognition than you do.


Warmer hair colours and pale complexions are ideal for brighter hues such as cyan, lime green and yellow; although these colours shouldn’t be mixed or used in blocks as they can clash tremendously. White is an excellent alternative and can replace colours that you are unsure of.

Darker hair with either pale or tan skin is suitable for daring reds, rich purples and electric blues; brighter colours can also be worn but should be avoided where possible as they can detract attention from the figure and leave you looking featureless.


Let’s Talk Textures

Your outfit greatly depends on whether you’re going to be celebrating Gay Pride in the city of Manchester this weekend or are concerning yourself with the playful streets of West London and the entertainment that it has to offer.


Gay pride is all about having fun and getting involved, whether it’s UV body painting or foam parties – so the outfit you wear should be vibrant yet practical as you don’t know the exact activities that will be taking place within this bustling city. Netted tutus and sequins are a large part of the Gay Pride scene, so if you want to fit in and look good, those are the textures that you will need.

The Notting Hill Carnival provides you with an entirely different scene; feathers, fans and hats that would put Ascot to shame are acknowledged as some of the best accessories and outfit additions. Accessories that incorporate loud looking feathers are usually worn in contrast with bright shirts and plain shorts, skirts or jeans.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that you feel comfortable in the clothing that you have chosen. For professional advice on the latest trends and styling tips get in touch with us at Coathanger, we’d be more than happy to help you with your enquiries.