Clothes Show Live – What we’ve Learnt

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With the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham now at an end it’s time for us to discuss what we’ve learned and to summarise the event for those who could not attend. However, here at we like to focus on the fashion and style displayed at an event and how this can affect what we wear during the year to come rather than specific celebrities, brand or scouts that may have been present during the show. So here’s a summary of the latest trends and what we expect you to be wearing in SS14, courtesy of the Clothes Show Live.



As the crowds settled in their seats for the live catwalk show we could feel the tension building; it was just as the noise of the audience swelled that the presenters strutted onto the stage and introduced the show.


The Clothes Show Live launched with a glimpse of the trends that we are currently pursuing; black and tan were amongst some of the most popular colours whilst leather and PVC were the most common textures. Many of the outfits containing leather, PVC or similar materials worked very well together due to the way in which these particular materials complement each other.


With SS14 comes the warmer weather; this calls for lighter textures and materials as well as less layers. Some of the favourite textures displayed at the Clothes Show Live consisted of white chiffon, lace and cotton; a number of headdresses were also seen throughout the SS14 display. Each of these headdresses were creating using softer materials to complement the chiffon and cotton used – these materials included feathers, satin and synthetic materials. Although these headdresses are pretty outrageous and can quite difficult to pull off; even the most elegant models may struggle to work this item.

However flowing dresses and light materials won’t be the only trend of SS14; as the sun sets on spring and summer begins there will be one trend that you simply can’t miss. The metallic effect is back in full force; with various shades of gold and black accessories to accompany and enhance the effect of the gold.






The AW14 section of the clothes how live hints at a particularly large dose of red; especially during the autumnal months. Everything from swimsuits to shoes, coats, jeans and jumpers were spotted in shades of red – leather and PVC also made another appearance.


The work wear of 2014 is largely the same as that of AW13; grey fitted, tight or tailored attire is favoured over loose fitting or baggy clothing. If you’re looking to impress your boss or those working with you; you’re going to need to tone down your working wardrobe with varying shades of grey.


Aside from the patterns, colours and textures that you would expect to see of SS14 and AW14 – there were also some unexpected revivals. Some of the designs that flitted across the cat walk appear to have been taken directly from the 80s and 90s. These designs were sported by some of the best models; others may not have been able to create the same look.


Scouts went wild as the show finished with a presentation of what’s believed to be the future generation of models and supermodels; if we’ve learned anything from the Clothes Show Live it’s that big coats aren’t going anywhere, the next generations proves to be quite promising and any style can be revived if you wait until the right time.


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