Coathanger Loves…Spring Patterns!

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Following on from our overview of the Pantone Colour Report for Spring 2016 where we helped you find the most beautiful garments in the signature colours of this spring, we didn’t want to miss the most important staple of spring – patterns!

Designers around the world have been gracing the runways with their spring collections, bringing along some unique and extraordinary designs that are perfect for spring. Spring is the season of change and growth; flowers start blooming again, the winter blues melt away and it’s the perfect time to broaden your style by interpreting some statement patterns into your everyday wear. For someone who may not be confident embracing patterns and drawing attention to themselves, it can be quite daunting shopping in springtime where a lot of outlets replace the neutrals for the new seasons patterns.

Our fashion stylists at Coathanger have chosen their favourite patterns and garments from this year’s spring collections.

pantone buttercup dress

We love this elegant dress for late springtime. A simple way to incorporate one of Pantone’s spring colours, buttercup, into your outfits. This would look great with a pair of simple sandals or mid heels for a night out. Due to the plunging neck line, this dress gives you more freedom with your choice of accessory – a short, mid-length or long neckless would look good. The frills in the middle of the dress are the focal point and add a very elegant touch to a somewhat glam outfit.

tangerine tall outfit

We love the pop of colour in this tangerine ensemble at Hermes. A statement outfit that would look instantly well thought out! To wear this colour yourself without looking like…well…a tangerine, can be very simple if you know how. Choose one garment in this beautiful rich colour and pair it with less vibrant shades such as beige and black, not forgetting some accessories to bring the look together. If you are weary about wearing such a vibrant colour, go for a handbag in this shade instead as your staple piece! The clean lines of this outfit are very flattering, especially on people who are slightly taller.

misson geometric runway dress

This dress from Missoni perfectly highlights how vibrant patterns such as multi-coloured stripes can be suitable for everyday wear. A simple shift dress which you may wear for work has been transformed into a piece of art with the geometric design and flawless colour choices. Due to the position of the colours, we think this dress would be great for someone with small hips who would like to create the illusion of larger hips.

sandro spring 2016 menswear

Sandro’s addition to spring fashion adds a fun twist to men’s fashion for spring 2016. After just expanding their brand and increasing the number of high street stores, Sandro are a very affordable brand with a range of styles to suit all lifestyles, body shapes and seasons. We especially love this striped shirt and suede jacket combo, a fun pairing which screams “chic”.

spring 2016 menswear from dsquared2

One of our favourite outfit combo’s for spring 2016 is this outfit by DSquared2. Known for their quirky designs and alternative style, DSquared2 know how to create edgy outfits that look brilliant on and off the runway. This casual outfit offers the perfect mix of textures and colours, complimentary of all skin tones and perfect for day time or an evening out.