A Guide To Fall Fashion: Fall Colours

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Autumn is in full swing here in London and the change in style is noticeable all over the city. When temperatures start to plummet and we go on the hunt for our winter coats in what seems like our Narnia of a wardrobe, it’s important to start integrating fall colours into your wardrobe to keep up with the trends before winter is upon us! With brighter and shorter garments being safely stored away in the hope of a gorgeous summer the following year, more neutral and warm toned outfits are appearing in stores for the cooler autumn days.


There are a selection of colours often associated with fall that have made appearances historically on runways, as well as being incorporated into high street and high end fashion lines. In the latest Pantone colour report, Pantone fill us in on the hottest colours for Fall 2016 – check it out here.


In this article we will discuss our favourite colours for fall and how you can wear them.




Possibly THE most hot colour for fall is burgundy. The deep and rich shade of burgundy perfectly complements the changes of fall and can be matched with many of the season’s hottest styles including knee high boots and smouldering eye makeup. Burgundy should be the key note in your fall palette as it goes well with magenta and salmon shades for a twist on the traditional brooding black and burgundy pairing. Pair a white shirt and slim leg trousers with a gorgeous burgundy bag and you have yourself a classy autumn work outfit. Adding one key burgundy element can change your entire look; whether that be a chic bag or a sheer burgundy blouse, everyone will want to steal your style. The below look is a perfect example of an edgy fall look; the contrasting textures between the giraffe print shirt and leather-look skirt makes you look enviably stylish!


Shirt – here
Skirt – here


Burnt Orange


Moving away from the bright orange tones of spring and summer, fall offers a warmer toned alternative in the form of rusty and burnt orange tones. Our favourite way to rock this colour is in our outerwear garments. Rust is the perfect fall colour to make you look and feel toasty!


Wrap coat – here


Chocolate Brown


A perfect match for burgundy and rust tones is all shades of brown, but especially warm chocolate brown garments. Chocolate brown is popular for footwear and accessories in fall, most commonly ankle boots and handbags as it gives an effortlessly stylish finish to any outfit whilst tying all key garments together. This Prada bag would look fabulous with the above look.


Prada bag – here


Dark Red


Autumn is a great time to make a statement and show off your ability to compile a stunning outfit (need a helping hand? Get in touch, we’ve got you covered!). Fall is all about seductive and sultry colours, and these boots from New Look are exactly that – dark red high leg suede boots? Bang on trend and super sexy!


High leg boots – here




Lastly, another classic for fall is mustard. Mustard often makes an appearance in ribbed knitted garments such as hats, scarves and jumpers. We love this colour for fall as it adds the perfect splash of colour to any outfit without coming across as too vibrant or garish.


Scarf – here


Fall is the perfect season to step out of your fashion comfort zone and experiment with different styles, cut, shades and combinations. Prepare yourself and your wardrobe for fall and winter with a personal styling session with the experts at Coathanger.