Dressing for Fall and Frost

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As the weeks progress we find ourselves closer and closer to the end of fall and the beginning of winter. Although winter does bring mulled wine, mince pies and presents it also brings frost, snow and treacherous conditions; but more importantly, it also poses the question “What can I wear?”

As well as fending off the winter chills and ensuring your own safety; it’s also important that you look good! It’s because of this that we’re guiding you through what you should be wearing throughout the winter of 2013.


Cold? Grab a Coat!

It’s undeniable that the most important aspect of any outdoor outfit is the coat – but how do you know which coat to wear? Often the same styles are repeated each year so you can get away with several styles so long as you cycle them.


Plaid is perfect! You simply cannot go wrong with a luxurious, well-made plaid coat. These coats come in a variety of colours including red, blue grey and purple. Although you can’t go wrong with a plaid pattern coat, you can mess up on when it comes to the colour scheme – winter is all about washed out and worn, it’s about being comfortable. No yellow or orange, and only moderate amounts of green.


Bigger is better. Do you remember when we told you that oversized coats were better than tailored pieces – this rule still applies. Not only will an oversized coat keep you much warmer than a thinner tailored coat, but it‘s the shape of the season and can be worn with many layers underneath.


A Leather jacket or coat is perfect for this winter season but avoid matching leather trousers or a leather skirt. Leather is the best when it comes to keeping out the breeze and to soften the look, as well as make it more feminine, add the all-important accessories. Or silk or cashmere scarf.

Footwear versus Frost

Winter brings poor weather conditions mixed with freezing temperatures – this means enduring frost, ice and snow. Walking in these conditions can be extremely difficult, which means that you need to purchase footwear that will protect your feet from the cold whilst also providing you with a sufficient amount of grip so that you do not fall.


We recommend that you purchase a pair of black or brown biker boots before the first frost hits. Not only are the boots incredibly stylish but they also come with attitude – the thick sole allows for easy walking in the frost or snow and also gives a more rugged feel. Go for the less embellished boot and wear with skinnies, parallels jeans or a maxi skirt.


To be on the safe side also invest in a pair of incredibly useful and now very cool ‘Wellies’. By wearing one of the huge selection of design wellies when it snows or more importantly pours with rain will avoid ruining any of your other shoes or boots.

Autumn/Winter Accessories

Take advantage of the cold weather by purchasing a cashmere or woollen scarf. There are plenty of choices on the high street but choose carefully. It needs to go with your coats and jackets and your face. So either go with neutral colours or buy a selection so you have more choice.

Remember a silk scarf can also keep you lovely and warm and can be kept on through the day or evening.

The number of outfits that you could put together whilst including these items are astounding – and the best part is that each of them would look good whilst protecting you from the winter weather. For more information on how to improve or renew your look you can get in touch with us at Coathanger.net for our professional styling services and expert advice.