Dressing To Your Hair Colour

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There’s a fine line between matching and clashing, blending and blurring.  It’s sometimes a little overkill to throw on pink shadow to match your pink dress, and you can transform a beautiful outfit into a tacky topic.  But when it comes to hair colour, you can have an outstanding effect by co-ordinating your outfit and accessories correctly.  You have license to experiment a little more in this department, but don’t go rushing out to buy that hair dye yet; there are options for every shade.

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought that something wasn’t quite right, it may have been the co-ordination between your hair and your outfit.  It’s something that you can’t always put your finger on, but when you strike the right balance it looks fabulous.

If you have a natural shade of hair colour, dyed or not, then you can look forward to some exciting possibilities.


Red Hair

Redheads can often achieve the most striking combinations.  Anybody who watched the recent Oscars will have seen Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine) will have been dazzled by her burnt orange dress, complimenting beautifully with her copper red hair.

Within the darker shades of red and ginger, try finding outfits that incorporate pale gold and light brownish-greens like khaki and tan.  The slight contrasts will look beautiful together.  Lighter shades of red hair will look better with camel tones, earth, orange and browns.


Blonde Hair

The phrase ‘blondes have more fun’ might be a hotly debated topic, but in the area of co-ordinating hair to outfit; they truly have an exciting collection.  You can often go down the same route as the lighter redhead tones, with chocolate browns and gentle oranges providing an excellent complement to luscious blonde.

Classic blonde hair, to the more natural tones, will benefit from the incorporation of pastel colours.  Peach and brighter greens work well but don’t discount navy and black if you’re looking for a sexier or more sophisticated look.

The ranges of blonde make it a difficult hair to assign colours too, but that’s what it makes it so thrilling.  Those of you with ash or ‘dirty’ blonde hair can look towards gentler colours like cool blue, violet, earth greens and honey.  For those of you with richer, warmer blonde hair you should experiment with combinations of rich reds, bright pinks and yellows.

If you’re a fan of understatement, all shades of blonde work well with the neutral whites, blacks, greys and beige through brown.  Anybody who’s seen Sienna Miller in Layer Cake knows that blondes can pull off black as well as anybody.


Brunette and Black Hair

Because of the darker nature of brown and black hair, you want to stay away from the simpler colours that you’d get away with on brighter hair tones.  Co-ordinating with brunettes is all about the offset, go bold with pure whites, turquoise, fuchsia and royal blue.  Don’t discount hot pinks and bright reds for statement.

If you’re a lighter, ashier brunette then you’ll want to avoid greys, crèmes and beiges.  Those of you lucky enough to be blessed with green eyes will want to take advantage of this combination and incorporate some green into your dress, the lighter the better.

With darker brunettes and black hair, whites and pinks look great.  Red is the perfect dress for cocktails or a night on the town, and don’t forget about your little black dress; this is what it was made for!  If you need inspiration on how to dress to thick, dark hair; look no further than Megan Fox’s style at any red carpet event.


Something To Think On

It’s worth remembering that these rules don’t only apply to hair colours, your eyes and skin tones will have a huge effect on the outcome of an outfit too.  Try experimenting with the different shades and hues, look closely at your eyes and skin without any make-up and decide what you think would look the best.

Trust your instincts in fashion, how many times have you seen somebody’s outfit and made a millisecond decision that it doesn’t look right?  Your gut knows what works and what doesn’t; trust it and you won’t stumble.  But if you do, there’s nothing to stop you trying 1001 other combinations!