Dressing to Impress

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   Dressing to impress can de a daunting prospect, after all there are a lot of mitigating factors, who are you trying to impress?  Is it business or pleasure? What is your end goal?  Where are you going?  You don’t want to employ the same tactics on a hot date as you do when you’re going for a job interview.

So, you have a date; the man/woman of your dreams has asked to meet for dinner.  Important information: Where and what kind of restaurant is it?  And are you going to a club after your meal?

As a general rule to follow, understated is better than overstated especially when you’re not in a position to ask too many questions but turning up to a bar in your cocktail dress and six-inch heels could leave you mortified, especially when you find everybody’s in jeans and casual tops. You’ll run less risk of embarrassment if you dress down, besides; simplicity is stylish.

Make a statement with accessories. A great belt or fantastic cuff or ring will speak volumes. You can’t beat a silk shirt and jeans with some great jewellery, heels and a blazer – it will take you anywhere. There a few rules we can follow for dating wear, which are true across the spectrum.

Be comfortable, there’s nothing worse than fussing with your clothes all night or worrying that your bra could be on show or you knicker line is showing through your trousers. Or that you should have worn a slip under you skirt cause the whole thing is sticking to you!

Make sure you can walk in your shoes and that nothing is too tight. If you buy something new for the date make sure it makes you feel fabulous! Ensure the colour suits and the colour nearest your face makes your eyes sparkle.

Rule of thumb goes …. If your neckline is low then your hemline is long, its either boobs or legs but never both. Unless of course your clubbing. Then the rules are different again.

Most importantly an opinion is made within the first 3 seconds of walking into a room and you have to ensure that wow factor!!