Fabulous Maternity Trends of Summer 2013

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Staying stylish despite a growing tum is nothing to laugh about. Whenever our bodies’ change, for whatever reason, can be a real setback but the change that occurs during pregnancy is different from any other. There’s no breathing in to squeeze into your favourite outfit. It’s out there in front and it going nowhere for 9 months!
But there’s no reason why you can’t look fabulous even when you’re a human incubation tank! You’ve just got to dress according to comfort and style embrace it.


One of our fabulous trends of summer 2013 is polka dot. Polka dot has never strayed far from the world of fashion, even less so where maternity is concerned. It usually goes hand in hand with stripes but polka dot can be easier to wear. It offers a contemporary style but also create an illusion that lessens the appearance of a pregnancy bump.


Celebrities ‘spotted’ showing off their spots include ladies such as Rochelle Humes and the dashing Duchess of Cambridge. It is a fun yet sophisticated look that is great mixed with stripes – as in the shoes of Rochelle, or a striped handbag. If choosing white spots on navy blue, add bold red patient shoes and bag. As well as pillar-box red lipstick. Perfect for a cocktail party or a day at the races.


Oversized maternity dresses are often comfortable but are also deemed as old fashioned. Therefore make sure it has some edge to it like the dress above right, by showing bare shoulders and cut out details you achieve a funky and interesting look.
When wearing a tighter dress add a waterfall cardigan. It softens the look and gives you warmth with this unpredicted weather. The dress can be in any colour but the cardi should be in a similar colour to the dress but a different texture for extra style.

Waterfall cardigans narrow the body as they are edge to edge and just show the bump but hide any lumps and bumps on the hips or thighs. If worn with a dress it looks more stylish if the dress is the length of the cardi (see Nicole Richie) otherwise team it with maternity trousers. A waterfall cardi is perfect for this weather and can be found in a linen/cotton mix, in jersey or cashmere.

Check out Nicole Richie’s latest range in maternity clothing; Pea in the Pod.

Floral prints offer a charming solution for pregnant women everywhere. The design itself is perfect for summer holidays and sunny days. So be loud and be proud of your bump it is indeed something to show off!

There are several other trends working their way through the fashion world right no – so keep your eyes peeled. Always remember to keep in mind…it won’t last forever so make the most of your pregnancy and dress to impress!

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