Men’s Special: Fashion & Brands for Men

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Whilst the high street tends to be dominated with brands predominantly catered towards women, it can often be hard to identify high quality stores that provide the everyday man with perfectly fitted garments depending on your body type. Do you find yourself not knowing where to start or walking aimlessly round the small men’s section of department stores? There are many well-known and trusted men’s brands that cater for all builds and frames; we’ve listed some of the best to give you a head start!

Brands for Narrow Frames

It is common that men with narrow frames may find it difficult to find clothes that flatter their figures and create shape, instead of opting for un-shapely clothes with excess material which will only extenuate your narrow figure. Dressing to create the illusion of broader shoulders is common amongst men with narrow frames and finding brands that have your requirements in mind makes this process a lot easier and a second nature whilst shopping! Our top three brands for men in this category would be Sandro, Ted Baker and Zara.

zara ted baker sandro


Brands for Larger Frames

Over the last decade there has been an increase in the number of popular brands that cater specifically for larger frames, stocking a wide selection of stylish outfits in XL sizes. Gone are the days where your size means you can’t be fashionable and feel fabulous. Whether you have broad shoulders or hold most of your weight at the centre of your body, there are clothes specifically designed to fit for your requirements to enhance or deflect. Brands that are great for men with larger frames are Boss, Cos, Gant and Gap.

hugo boss cos gap gant


Brands for Long inside Legs

Finding trousers and jeans that fit you at both the waist and length can be a task in itself, especially if you have long legs. Whilst there are many different styles available including wide leg, slim fit and low rise it is important that your trousers don’t have excess material bunching up around your ankles (or rising up above your ankles!) It is astonishing how many men make this style mistake! So, how and where can you find an in-between? 7 For All Mankind, Whistles and Uniqlo all cater for men with long inside leg measurements – now there’s no excuse to wear ill-fitting trousers!

7 for all mankind whistles uniqlo


Brands for Short inside Legs

If the majority of your height is from your torso rather than your legs, you want to be purchasing the right garments to create the illusion of a more proportioned body shape. Step away from the rolled up jeans and start shopping in stores specifically created with you in mind! Check out DKNY, Reiss and Sandro for the perfect fit.

dkny reiss sandro


Every man needs a great fitting suit! Everyone has a different body shape and no two people are exactly the same, which is why investing in a made to measure suit ensures that you will come away with the perfect suit for YOU. Hemingway Tailors offer a great service for men, women and special occasions.

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