The Festival Season in Fashion

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Those long warm summer evenings from May to September have led to a number of open aired concerts and festivals of live music for everyone to enjoy. The large crowds dancing and enjoying the music is what the festival atmosphere is all about and experiencing something unique.

But let’s face it, the UK’s sunny weather is not guaranteed and sometime your festival experience turns into a public mud-bath and then people aren’t so jealous about your experiences! Everyone wants to be able to say, I saw this band or say I was there when and even did you see me on TV?


What is Festival Style

The filming and photos of festivals always focus’ on people that have their festival style bang on, so what is festival style?

Mostly this means a little bit vintage and unique.



Festival Essentials

Essentials include sturdy boots or wellington boots, floppy hats, waterproof coat and sunglasses (don’t forget your sun cream!) to cover you for rain or shine.





Festival Cool

But if you want to look Festival cool then mixing things up to style is a must.

The floral headband was popular at Glastonbury this year but alternatives can include a bindhi spot and tribal makeup to give you a festival look but obviously not altogether, that’s just too much!



This trilby-esque velvet hat is seventies inspired and classically festival wear along with a fringed kimono it’s very on trend and vintage at the same time, which is hard to achieve! The simple sheer black top and black bikini underneath gives a layered but cool look. Classic denim hot pants and simple jewellery make this a great overall stylish festival look without overdoing it.



A two-piece abstract turquoise palms and monochrome tile print is sure to turn heads when paired with sturdy boots and maybe some chunky tribal bracelets and make up to dress up the whole look.




You can of course just go all out crazy and have fun with your outfit like this lot!