Help I Need A Makeover!

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Are you stuck in a rut? With our lifestyle’s being so busy nowadays between working and socialising, it’s easy to let your appearance be less of a priority. However, in many cases how you look and how you are dressed can dramatically boost your confidence and give you a more positive outlook. It’s easy to fall into a routine and become comfortable in the style choices you make but change is healthy and necessary in every aspect of life including fashion, no matter how small the change may be!

There are many situations that may make you think “Help I need a makeover!” and we’ve listed the most common ones below!


Have you gone through a breakup recently? A breakup can be a big shift in your life and can make you want to revamp your image to rebuild your confidence and signify a new beginning. If you’ve been single for a while or are newly single and want to get back on the dating scene, this is the perfect time to have a makeover! Your clothes should portray your personality and allow it to shine through, hiding behind ‘safe’ clothes may seem like the easier option but nothing feels greater than wearing something fabulous that shows off all your best features.

Child Birth

Child birth is a life changing event in a woman’s life and can change her opinion of how she looks and what she feels confident wearing after her body has changed. Once you have settled into motherhood and are ready to put aside the maternity wear, if you find yourself looking at your misshapen clothes and exclaiming “Help I need a makeover!” it’s probably time to book an appointment with a fashion stylist to build your personal profile and start your self love journey.


Any new stage in your life is an ideal time for some extra self-care and pampering, especially something as special as getting married! For some people, getting married is a symbol of growing up and reaching a level of maturity which can lead to you wanting to start over with your style and throw away your old comfies! If you’ve also just moved into a new place with your partner and now have limited space now that you have to share a wardrobe (eek!) then this is the perfect time to get rid of any unworn or unloved garments.

New Job

Congrats! You’ve landed yourself a new job and are ready to show your boss what you’re made of, but what on Earth should you wear? Dependant on your job, your workplace may not require you to wear a uniform but you must dress in a professional manner. Faced with so many office wear choices, the decision can be overwhelming and you may need a professional’s guidance on what will make you look and feel confident but abide by your organisation’s dress code.

If you’ve had the “Help I need a makeover!” feeling and need your very own personal stylist to help you make better fashion choices, get in touch with the stylists at Coathanger to discuss your requirements and start creating your personal profile.