How To Dress Better in 2017

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We’re now well into 2017 …….. boy was it good to say goodbye to 2016!It’s that time of the year when we all feel ready to take time and a fresh look at ourselves, our diet, our fitness and our existing wardrobes.


The beginning of 2017 is a time to embrace yourself, learn how to express yourself through the contents of your wardrobe and feel more comfortable with that all important first impression. If your struggling doing it alone, here are a few good reasons why you should get it right for 2017:


  • First impressions are crucial in both social and professional situations, if you do not feel good in the clothes you are wearing and don’t feel you look good, then this will show in your body language
  • Dressing according to your size, body shape and colouring shows that you have put time and effort into how you look which will also make you more open and approachable
  • If your bored with wearing the same style everyday then entering a new year with a bold new style will make you look like you are ready for change and mean business! Going against the grain by wearing print, texture and colour will make a lasting impression on whoever you meet that day – who doesn’t like a compliment!
  • If you have gained weight over the course of 2016, it’s likely that your clothes may be a little snug. (I know so annoying!) So before that weight starts to fall off you may need to add a few important pieces to your existing wardrobe. Please don’t wear clothes that are too small for you, it only makes you look bigger and that wont make you happy.


Keep reading to find out how to dress better in 2017!


Detox Your Wardrobe

If you’ve entered 2017 feeling like you have an overflowing wardrobe but nothing to wear, you should have a wardrobe detox! If you’re a shopaholic and tend to impulse buy clothes in quantity rather than select quality garments, it’s very quick and easy to end up with clothes that you don’t love and will probably never wear. If you’re feeling brave you could do a clear out on your own or with some of your friends so you can trade clothes, alternatively you could hire a personal stylist to come to your home to give you expert and, more importantly, unbiased advice.

Depart With Damaged Items

Whether it be a snagged jumpers, holey socks or scuffed shoes – they have no place in your wardrobe. The likelihood is that because these garments are damaged you aren’t wearing them anyway, there’s no need to store clothes you are never going to wear!

Introduce A New Colour

If you not too comfortable wearing a wide variety of colours then make it your aim in 2017 to introduce at least one new colour into your wardrobe! It’s important to remember that not all colours are bright and bold; there are numerous shades of every colour that could be flattering on you if you gave it the chance. Maybe fuchsia isn’t your favourite colour and you find it doesn’t compliment your skin tone, there are so many more pink tones including carnation pink and salmon that can be integrated into your everyday outfits subtly!




Quantity Over Quality

The January sales are very tempting but being able to resist a sale and look for quality garments can save you a lot of money and wardrobe space in the long term! Be selective in your sale purchases, research the new looks for Spring and see if you can find pieces that will go through to the next season. Keep a very clear idea in your mind of what you are looking for before you get to the shops, making sure you don’t buy repeats of garments you already own!