How To Dress In This Blustery Spring Weather

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Spring is in full-stride and whilst we’re anticipating the warmer weather to come, it isn’t quite upon us yet. Although it isn’t like us Brits to complain about the weather…the misleading warm mornings and blustery afternoons are causing havoc in our Spring style! However, with the help of Coathanger founder Suzanne Bernie we’ve compiled some top tips to solve our Spring style problems. Read more to find out how to dress for Spring and combat the fluctuating temperatures!

Chilly mornings and warm afternoons

Deciding what to wear when the weather is so unpredictable is a difficult one! Whilst the mornings are usually chilly or wet the sun seems to pop out in the afternoons, making your morning choices look a little wintery. The answer to this problem is to wear your spring outfit, that’s NOT summer that’s SPRING! Then slip a spring coat over the top. Choose one that is thick enough to keep the chill away but fluid as you walk. Add a brightly printed wide, preferably cashmere or silk scarf and your good to go! (Wearing a cashmere or silk scarf will give you warmth but still keeps a light spring effect). Oh and just in case throw a small brolly in your bag!!


Starting with a base white tee shirt is always a good place to start. It works in two ways; you can tuck it in to keep you warm and cosy, just showing the white of the scoop neck. Or wear it out, which is cooler and allows you to show both the white of the neck line and the white of rib round the bottom. Giving you an un-tucked relaxed look. Slip over a silk or cotton collarless shirt. Giving you another layer and dressing up your outfit instantly then by adding a fine cardigan and a spring jacket will now give you a four layer option. NEVER forgetting the all important statement necklace.

NB: Best white t/shirts can be found in Uniqlo – Scoop neck in all forms, vest, short sleeve and long sleeve. Amazing quality and shape and super soft!!! (£9.90 each).


On these chilly mornings you may want to pull on your winter boots but HOLD THAT THOUGHT!! Choose something lighter, go for a brogue or a flat pump, worn with tights or socks. This will give you the option to take them off and go bare…once the sun comes outs.  If you prefer a heel then it could be an idea to go in warmer flats and change to heels during the day. This gives you both comfort and sophistication all in one day!

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