How To Improve Your Outfit With Accessories

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When it comes to styling the perfect outfit, accessories are the key!

Now I know we have some minimalistic fashionestas out there but just see the difference when you add a statement necklace or a beautiful scarf to your favourite outfit. See how you can take an outfit to a whole new level. From wearing a top and bottom to a complete ‘outfit’.


So are you a gold, silver or rose gold chick?

As many of my lovely loyal clients will know, I work closely with a fab jewellery designer who make a small collection for me to Style my clients with and boy do they get it right – This is one of my favourites…


If you prefer something simpler this cute star adds coolness to your summer t/shirt and jeans. Or use it as a starting point for a great layered look.

Give rose gold a go but don’t try and match your watch, rings and bracelets – too matchy matchy!

Love this…

This will add spice to any outfit but with this details make sure you keep your outfit simple as the necklace says it all.

Use a scarf not only to keep that spring chill away but also to add that wow factor to your outfit. If you’re anything like me you will be collecting scarves as you see them, wherever you are in the world and you’ll be amazed how each and every one will work with various outfits.

It’s good to experiment with different shapes of scarves but be careful with a small square ones as you really don’t want to look like an airhostess…… unless of course you are an airhostess!!!!

Look out for great colours that can pull an outfit together and don’t be afraid to explore bold colours you usually wouldn’t try; spring is the perfect time to try something new when that sun shines!


A video feature is coming to Coathanger very soon on the different ways to tie a scarf, stay tuned! We’ve found a selection of the best scarves to inspire you…

If you’re new to styling a scarf and want to experiment before investing in designer items, this paisley scarf from Topshop is the perfect scarf for you.

Rich in colour and a real statement piece, this dark blue floral-print silk scarf from Diane Von Furstenerg at Harvey Nichols is 100% silk and 100% fabulous!

This Dolce & Gabbana canary-yellow statement scarf is the perfect vibrant accessory for spring and summer with a vibrant Carretto print. Get yours here.

If you need a refresher on how to accessories with jewellery or scarves, get in touch with Suzanne on 02033030654 or drop her an email at and book a styling consultation.

You can also see her range of scarves and necklaces for the full impact!

Look out for Coathanger’s new video next month, showing you cool and interesting ways to tie your scarves.