The January Sales

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Many of you will be feeling deflated after the hectic last couple of months we’ve had in the run up to Christmas. Whilst we might finally be finding time to sit back and have that stress-free cup of tea we’ve been waiting for since Christmas Eve, now is not the time! January is the prime shopping month, a hotbed of sales and discounts and the chance to really go all out on those clothes you could never normally afford. Get ready for a long weekend out at the shops or online; ready your purse, grab your handbag and comfortable shoes and hit the high street!

The trick is to go as early as you can, retailers have been sneaky these past few years and started their January sales as early as Christmas Eve, certainly on Boxing Day. Luckily for us, the stock will continue to roll in so don’t give up, just head out! In order to get the best value from the sales, make a B-line for those shops which are normally a little above your budget. Whilst you might find yourself paying the same price you’d normally pay for a pair of jeans or a dress, you’ll find yourself with much better quality, perfect fits and more interesting fabrics.

When you’re prowling the high street, be clever and look out for the fashions and colours that will be popular next season. Yellows, monochrome (black and white), florals and tartans are enough to get you going. Bagging a bargain here can save you a fortune when the new styles roll in and you’re already decked out! The pyjama suit will still hold its own, but look for steel greys, mint green and surprisingly black is still big news.

Keep your eye out for those Spring looks that may have found themselves in the sale, be intelligent in your browsing and spy floral patterns. Florals on chiffons will give a particularly floaty Spring look.

Don’t forget that there are still a couple of months left of this weather, so faux fur isn’t out of the question and you should be able to find some in the sales. You’ll still get some good wear out of it before the season is out and it can be stored away for next year, just don’t wear it out in the rain!