Jared Leto Inspired The Joker Halloween Costume

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Despite the Joker only appearing in a few scenes in the latest Marvel phenomenon The Suicide Squad; Jared Leto’s take on the iconic character has been a hot topic for months – even before the film was out on the big screen!

With Halloween creeping up on us we thought we’d give you some inspiration for your Halloween costume! If you want to look like Jared Leto’s take on the Joker this Halloween and combine edgy fashion with psychotic craziness, keep reading…


jared leto the joker movie poster



One of the Joker’s signature looks in Suicide Squad was the look captured in the above movie poster. As well as the unbuttoned burgundy shirt, he also wore a silver suit jacket with a black trim which perfectly summed up the character’s bold fashion choices. We found a similar jacket on ASOS currently on sale for £48.00 (a saving of £102!)


the joker silver blazer from asos

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In contrast with the statement jacket and shirt, the Joker’s trousers were fairly standard formal trousers so you might not have to shop around too long to find the perfect match! Why not try these tuxedo trousers from Reiss? Currently on sale for £40 from £125!


jared leto the joker trousers

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Keep it classy with a pair of classic lace up shoes. Make sure your trousers are the correct length to ensure you don’t have too much ankle showing or your trousers dragging under your shoes! These Consul G shoes from Harrods are perfect for this look, coming in at £425 – a bit of an investment but a staple shoe that you can wear for any formal or casual occasion. For a more budget friendly option have a look in stores such as Burtons.

jared leto the joker shoes

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One of the most important items in this outfit is the bold red/burgundy shirt to contrast with the Joker’s green hair (if you’re brave enough!) Once again make sure your shirt is correctly tailored to your body shape. This shirt from Zara for £29.99 would be perfect for the look and also a very wearable garment for everyday!


the joker red burgundy shirt

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The Joker is famous for his gold statement jewellery so no Joker get up would be complete without some bling! You could of course choose to purchase some costume jewellery, but if you have a little spare cash and fancy broadening your jewellery horizons then here are some good Joker inspired options:

the joker gold jewellery bracelet

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the joker spiked gold bracelet

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If you’re feeling extra dedicated to your look why not get some silver detailing for your teeth to make your costume even more authentic?


the joker silver teeth detailing

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Have you been meaning to revamp your style but just haven’t had the push? Bored of your same old style and want to be more ‘out there’? Want to express yourself but don’t want to get something as permanent as a tattoo or piercing? Why not step things up a notch and dye your hair green like the Joker with this paint box hair dye that lasts 30 washes for £9.95!

green hair dye from supercuts

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Not feeling that brave? Green not your colour? Many stores stock hair chalk and sprays that come out in one wash, no need to explain the green hair to your boss on Monday morning…

Speaking of tattoos, your Joker costume would not be complete without his statement tattoos! You can find temporary tattoo sheets for low prices on sites such as Ebay and Amazon that will add the perfect finish to your costume.

jared leto the joker tattoos

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And of course, don’t forget the most important and creepy part of your costume – the makeup! There are many tutorials circling the internet at the moment, watch our favourite:


[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bAUqHjxyDz8″]

Looking for the perfect Joker lipstick? This Bourjois lipstick is the colour match perfect and is long lasting, perfect for a Halloween party or a night out trick or treating!


Keep your eyes peeled next week for our Margot Robbie inspired Harley Quinn Halloween costume style guide!