Ladies Looking for Halloween Chic not Eik?

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Halloween is a wonderful time for fashion as it makes everyone really think about what they are wearing and allows even the most straight-laced to get a little creative and have some fun with fashion.

This childish enthusiasm should come with a warning though – there is a seriously fine line between Halloween fashion chic and simply eik! So here are some simple rules to follow or at least think about if you are going out for a Halloween bash and want to look classically gothic but very sexy too.

Black – ok it’s a classic colour of both the Little black dress and everything gothic so yes, black might be the best base layer colour to go for but keep it interesting.

Lace – lace is the perfect antique look and works for a ghostly sexy look especially with some panelling showing flesh where you want and covering and embellishing other areas. Kirsten Steward is no stranger to the gothic genre but wears it well on the red carpet.



You can always layer a lace piece over or under something to add the lace detail which will give your outfit a more gothic look. You could always get some lace styled tights to add a lace detail and this can look great down the arms or legs, be creative!

Wicked_FINAL 5_ThePGHLook


Sparkles – ok so sparkles are a little more Christmas than Halloween but if the right dress has a little sparkle the use it for your gothic spooky look. With slightly smokier eyes and paled face those amazing lips and hair would just look fabulous for a vampire, stunning without being clichéd.

Emma Stone attending "The Amazing Spiderman" French premiere at Le Grand Rex in Paris


Kate Moss is our go to girl for simply stunning and sexy Halloween looks here are two fabulous look one Morticia Addams and the other more circus of horrors with that very cool top hat she and her partner absolutely rocking the gothic look.




Feathers can also be a great way to embellish the black of gothic ensembles either as part of your outfit or prop, very 50 shades with the mask is a little bit of fun to be mysterious. If you are very skilled in the make-up department creating something around the eyes with feather could be very chic.





Fur – This is completely on trend this season and fur is going to be everywhere over the next few months so why not get a piece for your costume? I love this look as it combines the fur and lace and even has a little shine as well as over the top sparkling glasses! Very Halloween chic.