London Fashion Week AW14: A Recap

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All year round we look forward to the London Fashion Week and the updates that it brings to each season; we know there are also many others that look forward to this update but do not always know how to interpret what they see. On the other hand, some of us may miss parts of the show and therefore we do not obtain the whole picture, but do not fret – here’s a recap of London Fashion Week AW14 from


Bringing the Old & New Together

Mulberry have confirmed that they will be collaborating with Cara Delevingne throughout the autumn and winter season on a range of handbags – this could largely be due to Mulberry’s recent dip in sales and the famous face that is Cara Delevingne.


Kim Kardashian is old news; after London Fashion Week we’ve become obsessed with one of the newest faces, Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner. Kendall made her UK fashion début on the runway at London Fashion Week as she strutted her stuff for Giles – Kendall was even spotted rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour from Topshop.



An Abundance of Originality and Creativity

Through London Fashion Week we have discovered that more and more of the designers are stepping away from the designs that we usually see and are experimenting with something a little different.


A good example of this would be to take a look at a piece by Helen Lawrence. Many of the pieces designed by Helen Lawrence suggest a casual and comfortable look with an intention of standing out from the crowd; unusual prints and textures suggest that this could be the beginning of a very bright and interesting fashion future.


Some designers have put more originality and thought into their outfits than others have put into their entire collection; an excellent example of this would be Christopher Kane.



Christopher Kane’s first piece was a 3D dress piece in a salmon or nude pink; although the 3D design was quite simple, the spiral design was incredibly flattering – let’s see if the highstreet stores can replicate this one.



One for the Sci-Fi Fans

It would appear that as of AW14 we’ll be seeing more and more printed designs that are focussed on Star Wars; these designs come in a number of forms and styles.

Many Star Wars based outfits utilise recognisable figures and icons, whilst we know that others plan to utilise real stills from the films themselves.


Will they work, or is this the beginning of a fashion faux pas? Only time will tell!


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