London Street Style: The Best Looks from London Fashion Week 2016

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Finding style inspiration can be hard when you have very specific taste, which is why London Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to rediscover your love for fashion. London Fashion Week (19th-23rd February 2016) brought out the best in street style and will undoubtedly provide fashionistas and enthusiasts an array of outfits to take part in the trend.

Street style is where we get to see how the runway looks are taken and pushed to the limits. It’s where self-expression and passion for fashion meet. Below we look at some of the top trends that were spotted in and off the runways. We explore how you can incorporate each one into your everyday wardrobe.


A trend that is loved by celebrities and is once again a hot trend is fringe. This trend refuses to stay in the 70’s where it originally gained its popularity. Fringe has been reinvented many times, and for 2016, it has found itself revamped and updated, yet again! To avoid going for the ‘hippie’ look, you could add touches of fringe into your outfit by way of a cross body bag such as this limited edition fringed bag at River Island. Another great way to work it into your everyday style is by layering a fringed dropped hem vest over the top of a solid coloured top.


Speaking of layering…short sleeve cropped pieces are being worn on top of long sleeve basics are here to stay and look effortlessly stylish despite the look being so simple to achieve! This look is seen all over the runways and out and about in the streets of London. From light weight trench coats, to doubling up on bomber jackets, to long shirts that hit the leg as far down as the knee; layering can be easily done on a daily. To dress it up and make it less casual, choose pieces that are structured in design, but that still have length.

Long Pleated Skirts

A running theme in London street style at present is length. The long pleated skirt has made its comeback and it’s about to change everything. We’ve seen the long pleated skirt made appearances in a multitude of colours, fabrics and textures, but the shared theme of the skirts are the length and the elegant pleated details. This is a versatile piece that can be styled with a t-shirt for a casual look or it can be paired with a crisp button down shirt and gold jewellery and pumps, for an office-appropriate look.

Whether you want to go full on trend crazy, or if you would rather take it little by little, the street style looks spotted at London Fashion Week provided a little something for everyone. Tweet us at @Coathangernet with your thoughts on the latest trends!