Margot Robbie Inspired Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

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Following on from last week’s article on how to dress like the Joker this Halloween, we’ve put together the perfect style guide for you to dress up as Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn!


margot robbie as harley quinn in suicide squad


Hair, Makeup & Accessories


Harley Quinn’s staple look consists of her trademark multi-coloured hair and corresponding makeup, the perfect quirky look for a Halloween party! During the Suicide Squad film we saw her with minimal makeup other than eyes and lips, but if you’re feeling more dangerous and glam we recommend you follow this tutorial by Nikki Tutorials.


[iframe id=””]

If you’re lucky enough to already have mid to long blonde hair then copying Harley Quinn’s hair style will take you no time and effort at all! Simply put your hair into two ponytails and add the signature blue and pink colours. Superdrug stock some great wash out coloured hair sprays which would be perfect for this look, colours of course include blue and pink.


If you don’t have light or blonde hair it will be tricky pulling off this look, not only will the colours not show up on your hair but people may struggle who you’ve dressed up as! The best alternative is to buy a blonde wig you can colour yourself. Stores are now stocking Harley Quinn wigs especially for Halloween but we feel that takes the fun out of your DIY Halloween costume! This long blonde wig from Annabelle’s wig would look gorgeous as part of your Harley Quinn costume and with the hair sprays easily washing out, you could reuse the wig next year for your next look!

blonde wig for halloween


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Don’t forget Harley Quinn’s tattoos for the perfect finished look! There is a great selection of tattoos on Etsy


harley quinn tattoos from suicide squad


margot robbie starring as harley quinn 2016

Harley Quinn Outfit


Harley Quinn is a very seductive character so if you choose to go to your Halloween party dressed up as her…you best go all out and reveal your inner Harley! We’ve found a selection of garments online so you can exactly copy Harley Quinn’s signature look without having to compromise any important details!


Daddy’s Little Monster T-shirt


harley quinns daddy little monster tshirt replica


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Harley Quinn Hot Pants


harley quinn halloween outfit with hot pants


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If you’re looking for something a little less revealing than Harley Quinn’s signature hot pants…try these denim short shorts from Boohoo as an alternative.


short denim hot pants from missguided


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Harley Quinn Boots


harley quinn heeled sneaker boots


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Harley Quinn Extras


blue bomber jacker from boohoo


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inflatable harley quinn bat

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