Notions of the Neck Line – Styling Tips of 2013

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This season has seen many different trends come and go, but as summer progresses and the weather becomes warmer the outfits that we are wearing have become shorter and skimpier. One of the latest trends working its way into our stores and streets is the plunging v neck – round necks and turtle necks have been replaced with this incredibly feminine, sexy style.


The plunging V neck was introduced to us by some of the most notable designers such as Alexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez and Victoria Beckham; as each of their models sashayed down the runway we were left speechless. This style is commonly found in cocktail dresses and bodycons but it’s also making its way into our vests, tops and playsuits.


What to Wear it with?

This daringly low neckline can be worn with a number of different styles and materials, but there are also many outfits that are just too outrageous. Simple yet sharp suits and plain dresses work best with this style as neither of them will draw attention away from your neck line, allowing you the greatest impact.

Jewellery can be worn as an addition to your ensemble so long as pendants and necklaces are avoided – cutting bracelets and big rings will enhance the look and there’ll be no chance of them detracting from the ‘strong woman’ impression that the deep neck line will give.


Things to Remember

Any type of V neck will come across as daring, fiery and interesting, but a deep neck line is going to attract a lot of attention. If the deep neckline is for you but you’re looking to tone down the effects that it can have, avoid short skirts and keep your legs fairly covered.


Keeping your legs covered does not mean that you can’t continue to flaunt your feminine features, an over the knee skirt or tailored trousers will improve your appearance whilst giving you a little more confidence.


Finishing Touches

With the exception of accessories, there’s one more item that you must seriously consider before deeming your outfit as completed – shoes are an essential.


With such a deep neck line there aren’t many varieties of shoe that you are going to be able to get away with, and even if you can get away with them it doesn’t mean to say that they actually look fashionable or stylish.

Heels are a-go, they adjust the posture very slightly which means that you look composed as you carry yourself better; this is also beneficial as it makes the breast area look fuller without the hassle of padding and push ups. Heels with a strap around the ankle or across the foot are incredibly practical and suitable for office wear; they’re also very comfortable.


With the latest trends and styles changing quicker than the seasons is it any wonder that our wardrobes can become full of unwanted clothes so quickly? For expert fashion advice and information on a wardrobe detox get in touch with us at Coathanger.