The Olympics have come to London…

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The Olympics have come to London… In our previous blog we obviously jumped the gun assuming that Spring was going to be full of sunshine but as this week has proved, we’re more in the market for rain macs than summer dresses!

However, not all hope is lost for our rather temperamental country as we have a very important event to get excited for – The Olympics.

A few weeks ago Adidas revealed Stella McCartney’s’ designs for the uniforms. Stella took two years to perfect these union jack inspired designs and although she has already had to deal with abuse in the press and on twitter but all I’d like to do is get out my red marker and just add a red stripe where the royal blue is ! Sorry Stella!

So the bigger question here is, have you got tickets to the Olympics this year?

If so, what are you going to be wearing for this special event ? It’s always difficult dressing for such an occasion .

Crucially you need to look sporty yet smart, not to mention comfortable after all there will be a lot of sitting and waiting fro the next game to begin.

At Coathanger we can’t wait to dress our clients for this momentous occasion!

The first client to come forward and book Coathanger’s Shopping Service called ‘The Games’ will receive an extra special gift of a piece of funky jewellery to wear on the big day!

We’ll keep you up to date for all the best bargains both on the high street and designer labels around this time and if you’re flying in especially just give us a call before hand and we’ll organise a bespoke Shopping Day just for you!