Outdoor Events – Inspiration from Wimbledon

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Wimbledon is the pinnacle of sophisticated yet functional outdoor fashion – a temporary truce between glamorous outfits and the British weather. So far we’ve been luckier than usual with the weather, so here’s to being able to continue saying that the hats are on and the coats are off!

With Glastonbury having just passed – nothing could be more different between the fashion of these two major open air events. Blues, pastels and earthy tones are dominating the high street where outdoor fashion is concerned but there are no wellies on this grassy scene!

As you’d expect, the mainstay of Wimbledon is the blazer; vibrant jackets and blazers are popping up at every corner with khaki colours in tow. A suit jacket or blazer is a great way of giving a formal appearance without feeling uncomfortable or overdressed. Jackets and tailored outerwear are also useful to protect yourself from the unpredictable British weather that we so often have to fight with!















Matching skirt or short suits are a must as they give the look of an experienced, productive woman and again, the suit jacket should protect you from the cool summer breeze without tainting your style.


Take great care when making a decision on shoes. There’s nothing as embarrassing as strutting out in a pair of your best heels to find yourself later limping home with a multitude of blisters. Style is priority in making yourself look fabulous without spending the earth on the main body of your outfit.

If you’re wearing short or skirt suit, wedges are appropriate but not to be taken lightly. If you find yourself donning an elegant dress, heels should also be on the menu. Strappy heels are generally much comfier and are also much more supportive than platforms or peep toe shoes, so to maintain your graceful entrance invest in some heels with either a strap across the centre of the foot or around the ankle.

Top off your outfit with some accessories. Chunky pearl necklaces, earrings and brooches of all types will act as perfect additions to your wardrobe. Pearls make the majority of outfits look understated but they thrive when thrown in with pastel hues, they’re also often worn by royalty such as Her Majesty the Queen & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

For a more daring outfit such as the dashing blue, diamonds are what you’re looking for. Although bear in mind that diamonds are an expensive gem so when selecting your finery don’t overdo it. Too much jewellery can have an adverse effect as it looks tacky and desperate.

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