Packing for your holiday: What you need to know

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Although you wouldn’t believe it from looking at the weather in England, Summer is upon us and holiday season is on the horizon! If you’re one of the organised ones who have already booked your holiday now is the time that you’re probably debating which essential items to pack in your suitcase (yikes!). Here at Coathanger, we know how daunting packing your suitcase can be – so we’ve compiled a list of essential clothing items you NEED to pack amongst all your other essentials.

Hand Luggage-

Sunglasses – We’re spoilt for choice with the different styles of sunglasses for Summer 2015 so it’s no surprise that you should at least have one statement pair of sunglasses with you.

Pick a neutral colour that you can pair with multiple outfits or opt for a bold colour to add a splash of colour. Find out which style of sunglasses will suit your face shape here.
Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Sunglasses – £95.00 at Asos



A large Silk Scarf

Useful for air-conditioned restaurants and essential on aeroplanes. Perfect for keeping the chill off you once the sun goes down when you’ve been out in it all day. Fold it into a tiny square and leave it in your bag ready for romantic walks by the sea front. Its even good for keeping those delicate areas protected from the sun.

Great selection at Anthropology –


Select shoes carefully, think about the type of holiday you’re going on and not forgetting your luggage allowance. Shoes weigh a lot!

If you’re going on a walking holiday it could be good to travel in your walking boots. You can always take them off on the plane. You don’t need more than two pairs of shoes for the evening. Wearing a jewelled pair of sandals during the day can double up as an evening shoe. Keep the colour neutral so you can wear them with a number of different outfits. Remember to take some flip-flops that you can throw in your beach bag to wear round the pool or on the sand. Make sure you wear in your new shoes prior to going on holiday unless you want sore feetfor the remainder of your trip – ouch!

Faith Sandals – £29.00 from Debenhams



As bulky jackets take up a lot of room in your suitcase, finding an alternative for your usual lightweight jacket is essential. Luckily, kimonos are the perfect solution! With stores all around the world stocking a number of patterns and styles, kimonos are the perfect add-on to any summer outfit. Long flowing kimonos for beach cover ups or a cropped kimono with tassels for lunch in a café; there’s a kimono for every occasion and every colour combination. Plus, kimonos are extremely lightweight so you can take multiple on holidays with you!



River Island – £40


We can’t count the amount of times we’ve left our bikinis at home and had to buy one abroad (which explains why we have a drawer purely dedicated to swimwear!). Swimwear should be the first thing that you put in your suitcase, simply because it’s what you’ll be wearing the most! Pack 2-3 swimwear garments (or more depending how long your holiday is) and ensure that it gives you the right support you need. There are many different swimwear garments that are especially made to help women with areas they may feel they want more support or sculpting.

Resort Swimwear from £27.00 at Very




So you’re all set with your sunglasses and SPF, how else are you going to ensure you protect yourself from the sun? Floppy summer hats are great for protecting your skin and hair from the sun, as well as adding a stylish touch to an outfit. Choose a traditional brown hat for a classic look or a black hat with a trim to add a sophisticated edge to your outfit!

£32.00 from Topshop




Playsuits are hot this summer and perfect for days at the beach! Stroll along the beach without worrying about your dress blowing up – perfect. Playsuits are such an easy outfit to put together but they look effortless stylish and can be paired with a selection of different shoe styles.


Summer is all about bold and vibrant accessories, whether it be a hair accessory or some quirky jewellery. Pick a statement colour and go with it! Holidays are all about flower crowns and vibrant oranges, pinks and yellows. Don’t forget to pack some hair bobbles and bobby pins for the days where having your hair down is too much in the heat!
Embroidered necklace – £27.00 at Accessorize


What are your essentials when packing for a summer break? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. Want to reinvent your look before your holiday? Get in touch with Coathanger about arranging a personal styling day with fashion expert Suzanne Bernie.