The perfect end to a perfect week

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After a long week of back to back appointments styling lovely people, the week came to an end with me spending the morning in The Vault downstairs in Spencer Hart styling my wonderful client and CEO. Head to toe’d and looking amazing in his suits and shirts – Now there’s a place of sheer luxury and desire (if you’re a man).

Every British actor at the Oscars this year have had the Spencer Hart treatment I can thoroughly recommend the designs and the flag ship store on Brook Street




My afternoon then took me on location to The City of London where I styled a shoot for a wonderful cashmere designer ‘1913 Berlin’ – Once you feel cashmere you never want anything else next to your skin!!

The shoot just happened to coincide with my birthday and I was lucky enough to be given a yummy cosy cashmere scarf by Yujia the lovely Chinese designer – I am in fact wearing the very one which has now become my security ‘blankie’ and I just cant take it off – I am sitting at my desk indoors , by the way !!!!