How To Recognise Your Body Shape

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When it comes to finding a style that suits you, one of the main factors that contribute to how you look in your clothes, is your body shape!

Your body shape effects how your clothes fall and which parts of your body they enhance, flatter or do just not suit.

If you’re struggling to recognise your body shape, continue reading to find out what will suit you best!


Women who are apple shaped usually find that they have little or no waist.

Apple shaped women commonly hold most of their weight around their middle, however as their legs are their best features it is always good to make them the main feature.

Avoid wearing short jackets and pleated skirts as this will not be flattering, instead opt for long line and floaty tops with low necklines adding length to the chest area. A skinny or slim line pair of trouser or jeans will work well and show of the best part of your body. Add a lined jacket (to avoid clinging) which, when worn open will make your upper body narrower.


Women who are pear shaped are usually bigger on the bottom half (your hips, bottom and thighs) and smaller on the top (your waist, shoulders and bust).

To accentuate your figure to the fullest, add bold coloured tops , long or short sleeve with interesting necklines to help draw the attention away from your lower body.

Wear darker colours to your bottom half making it less important. Avoid wearing pencil skirts or tight fitting clothes that emphasise your bottom and hips.


Women who are hourglass shape have a full bust a small waist with curvaceous hips. It is important to not wear oversized clothes that will drown your figure, instead choose fitted and interesting tops with a high lycra content to accommodate a large bust. Shirts and blouses could gape at the cleavage so add a white vest top underneath and open buttons. Avoid long oversized jumpers (unless used with a waist hugging belt) and invest in some wrap dresses to accentuate your many curves.


Women who have a rectangular body shape usually are equally proportioned, although this doesn’t mean that these women don’t have a bust and behind. These women commonly want to create the illusion of curves with their clothing. You can do this by wearing coats that have belts, that cinches in at your waist to make your figure look more hourglass. The layered look works well and can look great with skinny jeans or a long maxi skirt. Make sure jackets are the correct length , a bomber jacket in suede or leather is great for all occasions and accessories work well with layers of necklaces.