The Relationship Between Quality Materials and Quality Clothes

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As consumers, most of us are aware of the phrase “you pay for what you get.” This also applies to fashion. It is surprising how many people do not make the connection – to look good, excellent fabrics and materials are needed before the garments are even made!

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Quality not quantity.

You could have a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes, but if they are poorly made it will be noticeable and make your outfit look cheap. Quality clothes attract wanted attention!

Clothes are often designed for a purpose. A sign of good quality clothes is whether the designer has created the garment with a purpose in mind and ensured that the garment is durable for that purpose. Beachwear which fades after being in the sea is not designed with purpose in mind.

Remember that someone who has the genuine passion, skill, and dedication to design clothes will make a quality item.


What does quality look like?

Quality lies in the heart of the raw ingredients, and this can be assessed based on the designers principles for sourcing and producing its clothing ingredients and eventual end products. A perfect example of this is the company Private White VC ( All their garments are made in England and there is a true family connection about the business. The brand uses fabrics originating from local mills, while traditional crafting skills are adhered to which makes for a high quality and very satisfying product.

Private White VC have opened a new branch in London’s Mayfair district bringing further quality to an already stylish area.

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Above: Inside Private Whites new Mayfair store.


The company creative director Nick Ashley explains “Over the past four years, the quality of our product has vastly improved. We’ve gone from having our quality determined by suppliers to now having great pride in what we do and sourcing the best materials and trims. We’ve found ourselves with a very expensive, luxury product.” This goes to the very heart of the point.

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Above: What quality doesn’t look like!


The British argument.

There is growing voice for more and more items to be ‘home made’ rather than produced aboard and imported. Private White VC and others are good champions for this. It is well regarded that no one makes quality clothes like Britain but for this to become common place and accessible to all, more factories need to be built and younger people need to gain interest and employment in the field.

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Actively seek the quality

Do not pick a garment up and accept it for what it is. Scan the item – does the label have any quality assurance disclaimers or guarantees? Remember also to ask ask ask people if they have brought any of the brands items before and how they found them.

Remember, there is no price on quality, looking good and feeling great!

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