Plus Size Summers – Feeling Comfortable and Fabulous

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Looking good for the summer should never be a problem, none of us are size 0s. Plus size or not, you can look fabulous so long as you dress for your shape, not your size. When choosing your summer outfit pay attention to the fit of the clothes, are they too tight or too loose? If that’s the case, don’t do it, put them back right now.


If you’re clothes are too loose, they’re going to make you look bigger and rather than accentuating your curves you’ll look shapeless. This doesn’t mean that you should go to the other extreme, wearing clothes that are clearly too tight or too small for you either though.



If you’re typically pear shaped, flaunt your thinner upper half with a fitted scoop or V-neckline.

If you want to hide your legs but want to feel cool a maxi dress will draw the attention away from your legs whilst showing off your slender arms and neck.


When selecting a dress to suit your figure, avoid horizontal stripes however you can still be on trend with the bold African prints on the high street this summer.


Embrace your curves by adding a belt to show of your shape. A slightly more tailored summer trouser will give you more support without loosing style.

If the tops of your arms are not your best point ensure the sleeve of your t-shirts are slightly longer.





Ensure you’re wearing the correct bra size. During Autumn/winter when you wearing more clothes in thicker fabrics we forget about the shape and outline of our bodies. But as soon as the weather turns warmer and we start wearing cottons, silks and linens, our body shape is on show. Get measured correctly, find the perfect shape bra and it will change the way your clothes hang from your body.



Thanks to Kim Kardashian wide hips and large bottoms are all the rage. The sexy voluptuous woman is fighting back and embracing the curves. Keep the lower half in a well fitting, good quality pair of structured trousers or a pencil skirt. Nip in the waist with a great belt then accentuate your smaller top half by wearing a fitted top. If your boobs are large add an edge-to-edge cardigan or blazer to narrow the chest area.





To balance out your shape, try to avoid boot cut or wide leg jeans, as they tend to look out of proportion. Narrow trousers or jeans make for a neater and trendier look.



Whatever you decide to wear this summer, if you’re not comfortable in it, it’s not you; it’s that simple. For more inspiration or some styling tips get in touch with us at Coathanger to find out more!