Slip Into Autumn With Style!

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Autumn is a fantastic season for fashion, with a great warmth of colours becoming viable options again. The colder weather means we can layer up and have a lot of fun trying to combine different pieces. Remember to start with the obligatory white scoop neck T/shirt. That is your blank canvas and all you have to do is build from there. It’s an easy way to look instantly stylish but don’t forget your accessories!

For those with one eye on their bank balances, a great way to slip into your new autumn style without breaking the bank is to invest in some items to complement existing outfits. Colours are very important in this season, don’t be afraid to experiment you may be pleasantly surprised

Try to match the colour of those falling leaves with burnt orange, and reflect the colour of your Merlot that serves to warm you up in the cold evenings after a day on the high street.

Moss green is the perfect choice for the natural feel and it goes perfect with the ember tints. Don’t forget that purple, along with charcoal grey is the ultimate blend to link these colours, giving you a wealth of options in your accessories.

Oversized doctor’s bags have barnstormed the catwalks and are the perfect addition to any outfit. Practicality meets style in a great combination.



Bow belts are essential and this one from FCUK in purple and mahogany is the perfect complement to your autumn fashion. Not to mention it’s a steal at £30!

Need I mention the importance of scarves in the coming months? Ted Baker’s excellent reptilian patterned thin scarf is the perfect match between seasonal colours, style and warmth.

Autumn is also our last chance to adopt the smart, sophisticated and sexy look. I suggest you make the most of it before we’re in the market for this season’s hottest puffas and coats…… watch this space!