Spring Summer 2013: Fun With Florals

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Despite what the British weather keeps throwing at us, Spring is well and truly here with the onset of April. Whilst we might not be seeing the daisies and daffodils blossoming right now, florals have hit the high street hard in the past month!

Full blooms are in every shop window at the moment, but not all flowers were created equal! There are a lot of matching tops and trousers this season, a brave fashion choice for anybody. Bomber jackets in black with colourful prints of petals are coming hand in hand with matching floaty trousers. The key to pulling off this difficult look is to keep it practical and casual, break the florals up with a plain top and wear the jacket open. Flats help keep the look casual too, heels are a no-no for co-ordinated outfits.

With so many floral pieces out there, the potential to clash can be huge; but you can make a clash killer by keeping it simple elsewhere. Floral blazers with a different style and colour of a floral top can be a mistake if you don’t keep your legs simple. Jeans, block coloured trousers or a simple skirt can work well to make the clash work well.


The same goes for the ever popular statement trousers, and statement floral trousers are going to be huge this season. Keep it simple up top this time, with a plain blouse or shirt to soften the look.

If you have your eyes firmly fixed beyond Spring and you’re assessing your Summer style already, make sure you pick up some slouching silks which are boasting the floral prints at the moment. If we’re lucky enough to have some sun this year, airy and floaty dresses will be your best friend and these are all appearing with Spring florals at the moment. Invest early and reap the rewards when July rolls around!

And finally, never get rid of florals! Despite our recent article on de-cluttering and clearing out your wardrobe, florals will always come back in one form or another. Last year’s florals might not be a hit this season, but they could be timeless in five or ten years’ time. They could even make you a pretty penny if you keep them long enough…

If you need advice working out a floral outfit, Suzanne and the Coathanger team are here to help. We can hit the high street with you to find the perfect complement to your skin tone, body shape or personal preference. Or we can help you with your wardrobe, sometimes it takes somebody outside the loop to spot those killer combinations, maybe you don’t even need to buy anything. Get in touch with us to find out more!