Standing out Sensibly at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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Are you tired of blending in and being a part of the crowd? Sometimes standing out is the only way forward, especially if you’re at a festival or a large event with a large amount of other people around. Although knowing how to stand out without overdressing can be quite complicated and most people don’t get it right first time. Here’s how to stand out whilst at an event such as Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London.


Every year Hyde Park is glammed up with a wide variety of lights, decorations and other additions that are themed around Christmas. On the 22nd of November Hyde Park will open as Winter Wonderland and will be fitted with a number of different attractions including two circuses, an immense observation wheel, an ice rink and a band stand – these are just a few of the attractions that will be available from the 22nd November at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Due to the numerous attractions the citizens of London and many tourists will flock to Hyde Park – this is one of the many reasons as to why standing out is a sensible choice.

Standing Out – What you shouldn’t do

It’s a common misconception within our society that to stand out you must wear incredibly outrageous brightly patterned clothes. Or tight sexy low cut dresses, or wild prints.


But a much more stylish way to stand out during the winter nights for an outdoor party or indeed Winter Wonderland, to feel and look luxurious as well as stay warm and cosy is to wear a wonderful faux fur jacket or coat. Faux fur is a certain way to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and admired.


Utilising Accessories

Using accessories to your advantage is one of the easiest ways for you to create a positive impression whilst standing out. An out door concert or party is a perfect time to bring a little touch of glamour to your outfit, after all its highly unlikely that you will take your coat off therefore make the most of outdoor dressing. Add a beautiful brooch to your faux fur scarf and relax and enjoy the complements. It’s just like wearing a fabulous necklace.


Tights Versus Trousers

Whilst trousers and jeans can be very practical and will keep you warm throughout the cold winter night; they’re also quite a common sight and will do nothing to set you apart from the hundreds of people attending Hyde Park. Don’t despair as we have a solution: tights or pattern leggings worn as tights.

A pair of thick tights/leggings worn with chunky ankle boots is an incredibly practical alternative to wearing jeans or trousers. Add a huge chunky knit covering your thighs or a short skirt or leather shorts or skorts. (shorts and skirt in one). Tights exclude drafts whilst providing you with freedom and if you chose some of the great prints it can completely transform your outfit.


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