Stocking Up For Summer Holidays – British Style Abroad

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With the school holidays edging ever closer, and with them the mass British expatriation to sunnier climes, we’re all beginning to look towards the high street and thinking about stocking up for our holidays. The Brits have a reputation for lacking in style when holidaying abroad. Whilst we can mostly blame this on the men who still think socks and sandals are a good look, we’ve all been guilty of a holiday mishap or two. Whether it’s the inappropriately small bikini at a family resort or braided hair that was famous for all of about five minutes some years back; proper preparation prevents poor performance when it comes to summer fashion in the tropics. If you know what’s coming into style, you can keep an eye out on the high street and bag yourself some fantastic fashion steals just in time for your flights.


Whilst almost all of us look forward to indulging in some well-deserved sun, sea and sangria; an equal number of us will be dreading our outfits for the beach. Ten years ago most of us had the choice between a bikini and a swimsuit; and nothing in between. Luckily the modern fashion market moves quickly to help us out, and women have a vast array of choices when it comes to beachwear in 2013; meaning every shape and size can find the perfect outfit.


Tankinis are fantastic if you have a fuller or curvier figure, whereas all-in-one suits and bandeau bikinis are there for when you need that added support. If you’re blessed with a slimmer body, you can opt for the ever popular string bikinis or the tan-friendly strapless.


Water parks can be the enemy of your swimwear, no matter how good you look in it. Steep slides can whip the speedos from even the tightest of waists, so make sure you’re well prepared for a bumpy ride! Supportive costumes or elasticated board shorts are going to be your best friend on the banana boat, but don’t be disheartened in thinking you can’t still look great; 2013 is bringing floral and metallic prints to even the most pedestrian of these outfits!


If you’re flying to destinations with a different cultural code to what you’re used to, it’s worth taking something to cover up in case of a fashion faux-pas! Particularly useful in areas of strong religion, a sun dress or sarong can alleviate any fears of revealing too much to the disapproving locals!






As ever, accessories are going to be very important in accentuating your own personal style when summer rolls around. 2013 is seeing a lot of animal prints come down from the runways and onto the accessories, including floaty feather earrings and leopard print sandals.


To find out more about what you should take with you on the plane, or to arrange a summer-themed personal shopping experience, get in touch with Suzanne and Coathanger today.