The Summer Coat – Day to Evening

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By Suzanne Bernie COATHANGER

A great look and an important summer staple this season is The Summer Coat, also known as The Duster Coat.

This lightweight outer garment can dress up any outfit and make a perfect first impression when walking into a party, a meeting or a restaurant.

If like me you spend a lot of time walking the shopping streets of London a summer coat will complete your outfit.

Not knowing what our wonderful British weather is going to do literally from one day to the next makes the duster coat a stylish protection against the elements.

It works perfectly over a trouser or skirt suit for work in a plain or muted colour or go for a subtle print and wear with jeans and a blouse for a lunch date or cocktails. Go for either the drop shoulder or the more structured look, either one works.

Adding a bit more glamour going into the evening is the silk heavily patterned kimono style long line jacket. Be careful as to how many colours you wear underneath, but over jeans a vest top, its perfect for any warm evening, a gig or a bar, making the ‘boudoir look’ very ‘street’.

I’m not a great fan of tassels but there’s still a lot on the high street both on clothes, backpacks and cross body bags. They can also be found on most Kimonos and make the complete outfit more Boho Chic.

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