Supportive Swimwear Solutions

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Holiday season is upon us and many of us are heading down to the beach for a few cheeky cocktails and to top up our tans. However, before you set off down the beach you need to make sure you have suitable swimwear!

Everyone has different preferences; some women like a full swimsuit whereas other women like flaunting their figure in a bikini. All women are beautiful and fabulous in their own way; however it’s natural to have insecurities that may prevent you wanting to strip down on the beach. Whether it be your lack of tan or tricky cellulite, it shouldn’t prevent you from owning your style in the sun.

Something that makes a Pear shaped woman feel confident may not make an athletically built woman feel the same way so it is important to find a style and colour that makes you feel (and look) great! Continue reading to find out what swimwear YOUR body shape should be wearing this summer.


If your body is pear shaped it means you are likely to have a small bust and quite narrow shoulders in contrast with your wide hips.

Solution – Wear a bikini that allows your shoulders to look broader and makes your figure look more proportionate. To do this, focus the styles and colours of your choice towards the top half of your body so it takes the focus away from your hips.

pear body shape


If your body is apple shaped, it means that it is well proportionate and you do not have a lot of waist definition despite being well endowed.

Solution – Wear higher briefs to allow attention to be drawn to your legs and to cover any insecurity you may have with your stomach and hips. A good tip here is to look for garments that tend to mould to the shape of your body, to give the look of a flatter appearance.

apple body shape


If your body is hourglass, this commonly mean that you have a lot of waist definition and your bust and bottom are equally proportionate. Your waist is usually smaller than other body types.

Solution – Bright, bold and daring colours or designs really show this shape up well. Don’t be afraid to experiment if this is you. Ensure you do research in your garments to ensure that you have the proper support for your bust.

A great example of an hourglass body shape can be seen below:

hourglass body shape


The rectangle shape is also viewed as athletic. You have little or no curves and athletic women usually have well defined bone structure.

Solution – You want to show off your shape and why shouldn’t you? Extra ‘additions’ to your garments can make you look even better – tassels or frills for example to create the illusion of wider hips. If you want to go more modest there are still styles which will suit your good shape also – even some of these can be quirky.

rectangle body shape

General points to consider.

Take advantage of any supporting mechanisms that the garments might have. These are designed to ensure you look good but also feel great without straining your back if you have a larger bust. Being stylish shouldn’t sacrifice comfort.

Where possible, avoid purchasing swim wear online and go to a store where you are able to try it on to see if it suits your body shape. Everyone’s body shape is different and unique to them so certain colours and styles may not look the same on everyone. Choose carefully and see what looks perfect and natural. This should avoid any issues.

The alternative? You might have the perfect body, but just be a little shy. Maybe you don’t want to go to the extreme of nearly bearing everything either? A compromise does exist and they are hot this summer! A kimono is the perfect way to feel light, airy and summery whilst protecting you from too much sun exposure (don’t forget the sun cream ladies!) Of course if you are really sensitive about problem areas then this choice would also make you feel more comfortable. Like other garments kimonos come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours with varying degrees of ‘coverage’ of the body.