Suzanne Bernie For Finery: An Insight Into A Fabulous Christmas

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Suzanne Bernie has been in the press lately giving The Telegraph some style advice for their Christmas outfits, but her influence in the fashion industry does not stop there!


Finery recently reached out to Suzanne and asked, as a Finery wearer, if she would like to be part of their Star Power campaign this Christmas – and of course she said yes. Finery launched the campaign in order to give back to their loyal customers and bought in a team of 5 Finery wearers to try on their new collections whilst giving us an insight into their family traditions at Christmas time.


As one of London’s most sought after fashion stylist, Suzanne’s schedule can be very hectic so for her Christmas is a time for her to stop and spend quality time with her equally busy husband Stewart, a top West End hair stylist and their two daughters, Lillie Fay and Ella Ruby – both professional models.


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Christmas for Suzanne and her family means a trip back to her roots of Leeds to visit family and good friends. A place that is great to visit but not where she calls home anymore. Suzanne felt out of place when growing up in the suburbs of Leeds and craved being able to express her unique style freely. Now having lived in London for 33 years, Suzanne believes she belongs here.


“You can be anyone you want there, dress anyway you like. Finery is absolutely what London’s about – it’s different and interesting and brings out people’s personalities.” – Suzanne Bernie


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