Suzanne Bernie For The Telegraph: Styling The Perfect Christmas Outfit

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Photo source: Andrew Crowley


IF you got your hands on a copy of The Telegraph this weekend you probably noticed our very own Suzanne Bernie starring in a fabulously festive feature! Christmas is approaching oh so quickly and it is no surprise that it’s the season to be stressed…


In order to banish any stress over the festive season, The Telegraph got together their super team of experts to explain how you can make Christmas fun again by outsourcing your festivities to the experts. Amongst the experts were Cynthia Gregoire, Pippa Jameson and Coathanger’s founder and head stylist Suzanne Bernie.


Suzanne was on hand to explain to The Telegraph the ultimate fashion faux pas when styling a Christmas outfit and how you don’t always have to buy something new to look sexy and stylish this season. Coathanger offer a wardrobe detox service which focuses on detoxing your wardrobe of unloved and unwanted garments and instead helping you love and style the garments you already own.


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For Christmas, Boudicca usually wears a classic sparkly winter jumper for Christmas day and needed some style advice from Suzanne, who having trained staff at Harvey Nichols knows exactly what creates the perfect outfit for any occasion. Selecting a garment from Boudicca existing wardrobe, Suzanne gave her tips on how to look fabulous and feel comfortable in something a little out of your comfort zone.


Read the article on The Telegraph’s website to find out Suzanne’s best tips for when styling a Christmas outfit –

Photo source: Andrew Crowley